Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types of Boilers

Even if you ask an expert to come out and conduct a survey on your boiler needs, you could still be left in a position where you have to make choices. Keep in mind that you are aiming for is a water heating system that matches your needs.

No more which is wasteful and no less which is pointless. It helps to know your options and for that you need to know what is available.

Regular boilers

These work most efficiently with hot and cold water storage and are most suitable for larger houses with more than 2 bathrooms or kitchens. They are quite cost-effective, but may not be suitable for larger families.

Combi boilers 

These are efficient and compatible boilers using different types of fuel to heat the water. These are best if you do not have storage space for water tanks and need large amounts of hot water for most of the time.

  • Gas combi boilers – These are ideal for houses with connection to gas lines and main networks and are priced quite reasonably compared to others.
  • Oil combi boilers – Another one for homes lacking gas supply. An Oil Combi only requires an outdoor oil storage tank to work efficiently.
  • LPG combi boiler – Despite being a fossil fuel, an LPG Combi Boiler is ideal for properties without gas but have room for a cylinder or tank.
  • Electric combi boilers – These are less efficient as they heat smaller amounts of water due to a lower capacity. These boilers are suitable for homes that use less hot water since they are smaller than regular fuel-burning boilers. 

System boilers 

Being as efficient as regular boilers at supplying water to numerous taps at once, these boilers come without drawbacks as they do not require excess capacity for holding hot and cold water. 

 Pros and cons of the system boiler

  • Space for hot water cylinder installation is needed
  • Pre-built components make installation easier and heating efficient
  • There is no water leakage. 
  • Coldwater tank requirements and space constraints are reduced 
  • Constant pressure and supply of hot water is taken care of even when all taps are in use
  • Hot water tanks need to be insulated to save energy
  • The amount of hot water storage is limited to the hot cylinder capacity
  • The water needs time to heat 
  • Ideal for houses with more than 2 bathrooms 

Important note: Ensure safety measures while installing gas boilers as a compromise on safely can threaten the lives of your family, your household insurance and the appliance’s warranty. Make sure to hire a certified and licensed gas boiler fitter  for boiler installation – also pick one who is Gas Safe Registered with the right level of expertise. 

Making sure you have the right boiler for your needs can seem like a minefield. You will always be aware that the wrong choice can workout expensive to put right. At the end of day, no boiler installation company worth its salt expects its customers to know the best boiler for their requirements.

A good firm wouldn’t install the wrong system anyway. But, after inspection it may work out that your property and requirements can be matched by more than one type of boiler. It’s only then you have a decision to make.

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