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I’ve literally just got back from the Boohoo ‘Real Women’ open casting event in Manchester, an occassion I was invited to a couple of weeks ago that really interested me. If you hadn’t been made aware of this event, it’s basically a chance for any ladies above the age of 16 to enter themselves in to win  a starring role in a Boohoo campaign. The rules were simple – you can be any height and any shape!

Before you ask, no I wasn’t entering myself, I just trotted along with my camera and notepad to see how succesful an event Boohoo could create, and to see what emerging talent was shining through the crowds.

The event was held at 20 Dale Street, in Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter. But there was no need to start squinting at door numbers – I could see the very end of the queue from miles away. The turn out was incrediable, there were girls of every age, shape and size all lining the streets of the city! What I love about these kind of events is that they open up doors for people who never see these opportunities available to them. The winner will be one of these girls who queued miles around the block, who hasn’t got an agent and who just wants a chance to be noticed, so it’s really fabulous that Boohoo created this for someone.

The day ran as so:
1. Queue (from 9am, in some girl’s cases!)

2. Enter and take advantage of the compliemntary hair and make-up sessions available to all entries.

3. Browse the new collections at Boohoo, as rails reviewing the new ranges were available on show to everyon to see. Also, grab some drinks and chill out for a few moments!

4. Apple Mac’s were set up for anyone to log onto facebook or twitter to share their experiences so far, and also to browse boohoo’s photoshoot albums showcasing all the model shots taken from the day so far.

5. Entrants have a professional shot done, followed by retouching

6. Escorted by a member of the boohoo team to take groups down to the final stage – The Catwalk. All entrants walk the catwalk infront of a panel of judges; Directors Umar and Adam Kamani, Studio Manager Graham Reid, and soap star celebrities Michelle Keegan and Ryan Thomas.

7. Answer a few questions from the judges, then strut your stuff down the catwalk. The judges then judge the winner on the face to face casting and also the professional photoshoot. Winner announced via socia media 10 days after the event!

Even if your not the on who gets picked, I think it’s a great experience for everyone who attended. A fab day to socialise with other fashionistas, get pampered and pose away! Good luck to all who entered!

I also had a little fashionable afternoon myself, browsing the rails of the new collections available at Boohoo for the Autumn Winter season. The clothing all has a strong 70’s elements, lots of jewel tones, sequins and faux leather. Skirts are floaty, yet dresses are fitted, and coats on the other hand are decorated in faux fur. There was an amazing statement gold cuff bracelet that made my wish list, along with a stunning faux leather dress! Very party season!

Take a look at some of the photos to get a better idea…

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  1. October 3, 2011 / 4:33 pm

    Yes it sure was a great day. I attended for the cast and it was such a fabulous experience for me. I only wish I had stayed longer as there seemed to be some events bit later on after the castings, and the celebrities and judges mooched amongst people as i could see in the photo’s. but apart from that this was one of the greatest days of my life and I am still buzzing of the whole thing. The pictures they have published so far are on . I really have the taste for this sort of thing now and will definitely be giving things a go in future. Whether I ever get anywhere is irrelevant, the experience was fun and totally different to anything I’ve done before and that to me is very enjoyable 🙂 x

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