Elfridges Christmas Personal Shopping Experience at Selfridge intu Trafford

I know that we’re just one week away from Christmas, but I had to get this post together to share some of the fantastic Christmas personalisation gifts I got the other week. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my stories where I took to Selfridges at intu Trafford in Manchester, for the ‘Elfridges Rocks Christmas personal shopping experience.

I met the very attentive Elfridges team at the top floor during a weekday, to experience their help for getting me up to speed with my Christmas shopping. The Elfridges team are Selfridge’s own Christmas shopping experts, who can show you some of the fabulous gifts they have in store.

In particularly, they can take you on a tour of all the personalised gifting stations dotted around the department store. I love personalised gifts, but I tend to struggle knowing which actual stores offer the services. But with the help of the Elfridges team, I was about to explore what Selfridges had to offer.

So lets take a look at the experience…

We started off with a tour of the store, which is fantastic because the Selfridges at intu Trafford is ginormous. It is literally floors and floors of wonderful brands, both premium and high street, with amazing food, jewellery, drink, books, stationary, homewear and childrens wear thrown into the mix. 

The first stand we went to was the luxury jewellery personalisation service, which includes beautiful gold, rose gold or silver bar necklaces. These are absolutely stunning necklaces, where you can chose to have initials engraved or full names…

As you can see, the prices are outlined above, which I found not too bad at all for this service. Especially because the pieces are presented in cute little gift boxes, and the jewellery itself is a premium high quality. 

My favourite styles were the bar necklaces, especially in the rose gold. So I decided to get a little necklace with my nephews name THEO engraved onto it, and give this as a gift to my twin sister for Christmas.

These will make the prettiest and most thoughtful gifts for the men to give to their ladies with their children’s names on, or for best friends even to wear each others initials etc on.

Literally endless possibilities here because it’s just so thoughtful and meaningful, yet stylish and luxury too!

The next exciting personalisation station I visited was no other than the incredible Reese’s jars of chocolate peanut butter spread. I mean – how amazing is this stuff? I can eat it by the spoonful and never get fed up. But, it’s just as amazing spread on toast or crumpets, FYI…

I decided to get this personalised to myself, as a gift to me, from me. Because ain’t no one going to appreciate it anymore than I would! 

What a great personalised gift for a foodie though, right? A brilliant stocking filler…

Whilst we’re onto the food and drink category, because lets face it this will always be my favourite category, I’m bringing you straight to the next personalisation station the team brought me to. It was no other than my favourite fancy tipple: Moet & Chandon. 

Now it’s rare I am ever bought a bottle of this fine fizz as a gift, so again, I opted for my own name to be engraved onto this bottle as a treat for me. I’m going to drink this on Christmas Eve, a glass for me and a glass for my boyfriend, as we aren’t spending Christmas Day together this year.

Prices start from around £19.99 for a mini bottle, in which you can choose rose or the classic Moet. I went for the Rose, of course, add a bit of pink to my plonk! 

So, moving onto a gift for my little niece who is just over 3 years old – the personalised chocolate lindt teddy bear! Prices start from £11.99, and the bear comes wrapped in pretty foil and packaged in a special Lindt bear tin.

It’s the actually ribbon around the bears neck that is personalised in-store, and you can even add emojis to the text! I got Emilia on mine, and two little emojis following. It’s a real cute, quirky idea for little ones who love chocolate, plus the tin itself (and the personalised ribbon) is a keepsake within itself…

Now I thought I’d save the very best until last – and this personalised makeup palette received a lot of positivity on Instagram when I shared it! Now I don’t know how many of you are familiar with ByTerry – they are basically a premium makeup brand who are huuuuuge in America, and growing in popularity in London.

Now their Manchester concession in Selfridges has arrived, they are offering personalised makeup palettes at their Palette Factory service – be it blushers, contours or eyeshadows.

The beauty of the service is that not only does it make the absolute creme de la creme of Christmas gifts for the ladies, but you get to actually make it yourself. As in protective gown and gloves on, weighing out powders, crushing, setting…. you name it, you’re in control! (and of course, under guidance!)

I decided that I wanted to create an eyeshadow palette for myself that contains 3 key colours I like to use everyday. One that I can keep in my handbag for my everyday face, which for me, means lovely warm brown shades. 

So, I browsed the huuuuuuge collection of pigments, which let me tell you, there are hundreds of shades. I can see why contour and highlight, or even blusher palettes are super popular here.

If I was gifting someone, I’d probably go for this option. But as I was gifting myself – being very selfish on this occasion (hey, why not?!) – I went for a personal and customised eyeshadow palette.

After choosing my three key shades, I took to the counter to scoop out the crushed pigments, weighing them out, and aligning all three shades next to each other. The end effect would be a round disc containing my three shades next to each other, blended in almost like a marble effect. 

The whole process takes around 30 minutes, including choosing your shades and customising your palette packaging too (again, they have so many colours and styles to choose from).

Prices at the Palette Factory service from ByTerry range from £45 for a single palette £290 pounds for a palette with eight blended hues and a sparkle topping.

A huge thank you to the Selfridges ‘Elfridges team for giving me a personal shopping experience I’ll never forget. It truly takes the stress out of shopping! It’s perfect for those who still have people to buy for, have absolutely no idea which route to take, and want to leave it in the hands of the experts.

The beauty of Selfridges at Manchester’s intu Trafford is that the store does everything: men’s, ladies, beauty, fragrance, accessories, handbags, jewellery, toys, games, homewear, childrens, food and drink.

A fantastic Christmas shopping experience! 

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