E.L.F Review: My Favourite Products From E.L.F

Towards the end of last year, I headed to a lovely blogger lunch with long running cosmetics and beauty brand E.L.F. The reason I say ‘long running’ is because I remember doing a huge shop on their website around 7 years ago, stocking up on affordable makeup.

Since then, E.L.F has come a long way – much more than I ever did know. I was still thinking they were an affordable makeup retailer, without realising they have gone up slightly more premium in my eyes (yet still affordable), and offer an extensive range of skincare and beauty care, too!

The lunch was held at 20 Stories in Manchester’s Spinningfields – one of the loveliest locations for a Manchester blogger lunch. While enjoying a delicious three course meal, we got to learn about best-selling products, new launches and everything inbetween, along with taking away some incredible goodies to try.

Want to see which products from E.L.F I recommend if you’re totally new to the brand? Read on to explore my top 5… (just an FYI, All e.l.f. skincare products are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and e.l.f is proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, worldwide).

E.L.F Holy Hydration Face Cream £12

I loved the sleek, clean and minimal packaging of the E.L.F Holy Hydration Face Cream as soon as I received it. Two things stood out: Fragrance free, and Hyaluronic acid. It’s hard for me to ever fault a product packed with Hyaluronic acid, as it’s the most moisturising ingredient to have in a face cream! My dry skin loves it, so I was happy to see this ingredient being key in E.L.F’s face cream.

Along with hydration, this cream helps brighten and even out skin tone, locking in moisture and promoting a plumped up, fresher complexion. It doesn’t work immediatley – I started noticing a more plumped, hydrated and brighter compexion after around 7 days, which I feel is the norm for quality skincare.

It’s very lightweight to use and to me doubles up well as a primer before heavy makeup. Love it’s non-greasy feel too!

The face cream also features two key ingreidients which I’ve heard by dermatologists and skin care experts are fantastic for optimum skin health. These are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to help brighten and even skin tone and Squalane – a hero at helping to improve moisture balance and elasticity.

You can shop this here.

E.LF Mineral Infused Face Primer, £12.50

As some of you are aware, I’m a bridal makeup artist in my spare time. Being a lifestyle blogger and freelance content creator is my first and main job, but I do around 2/3 weddings a month when it comes to bridal makeup.

One of the main products I rely on is a quality primer which I apply first to every client, no matter what their skin type. If you want to get the best from tour base (so your foundation and concealer) and you need it to last, you gotta invest in a good primer. period.

So, I was eager to try the e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer, however I’m a good judge of a primer from the first pump (that sounds weird, ha ha, but you know what I’m saying!). The texture and feel of this one is weightless, leightweight and silky, absorbing quickly and leaving a smoothing finish.

It’s not a magical potion that removes fine lines and blurs the complexion. But it softens fine lines and creates the silkiest base so that foundation glides on and doesn’t get all cakey in dry skin areas or slight wrinkles.

I’d recommend this for everyone, because not only does it help to combat oil, it also hydrates dry patches. Winner!

Shop here.

E.L.F Metallic Flare Highlighter

I’m not an obsessive OTT highlighter user. I don’t aim for that instagram over-the-top highlighter glow, but, I have to always use a small about of a shimmery, glistening glow on the tops of my cheeks whether it is day or night makeup.

The same for when I do bridal makeup. If I can find a highlighter that is highly pigmented so that the smallest amount of product can be used, then I tend to be a fan. I have to say that the e.l.f. Cosmetics Metallic Flare Highlighter offers a multi-dimensional, high-luster glow without pacing on the product. Now I personally prefer a powder highlighter before I feel that when liquid highlighters are blended into foundation, it kinda mixes down the intensity of the foundation. Thats great if you want a light, sheer look. But for me personally, I tend to go for full coverage when it comes to foundation, so I like to set it directly with powder, then apply highlighter powder on top.

I have zero problems with this one for e.l.f, and in terms of value, it’s spot on. The result is a soft, high shimmer formula, that glides onto the skin for the ultimate highlight without much effort.

It costs £6.00 and the white gold shade is my fave, it’s brilliant!

E.L.F No Budge Shadow Sticks

These made the hit list because they are incredible value for those on a budget. I’d say if you’re a busy girl that doesn’t like spending a lot of time on eye makeup, yet wants a noticeably lovely finish on the eyes, these are a must!

These come as metallic cream sticks with a smooth long-wearing formula. As the name suggests, they provide a finish that doesn’t budge, smear or crease, which makes it ideal for locking in a flawless look all night.

The bronze and shimmery pink shades are my favourites, which are metallic mocha, rose gold and perfect pearl. I find the metallic mocha version looks fabulous applied directly to the eyelid and then blended in with a normal eyeshadow brush. Then, the perfect pearl or rose gold pink shade can be dabbed to the inner corners of the eyes and blended slightly into the mocha for a colour popping look.

They cost £5 and only a small amount is needed! Shop them here.

E.L.F Dew Primer

I know that the Mineral Infused Primer has also made my list, but I couldn’t miss this one out because first of all – how adorable does this product look? It reminds me of the juicy tube lipglosses from Lancome back in the day – who remembers them?

E.L.F. Dew Primer is a new gel makeup primer infused with watermelon extract that launched with the Jelly Pop Makeup and Skincare Collection last Summer 2019. Although I would use the Mineral Infused Primer for my bridal clients, this one is a fabulous, cute and quirky looking gift for younger skincare and makeup enthusiasts that I couldn’t leave off my list purely due to it’s Juicey Tube resemblance, and effective dewy results!

Great for those with drier skin for a fresh, dewy complexion under makeup.

E.L.F SuperHydrate Gel Moisturizer

Now last but not least has to be this SuperHydrate moisturiser, mainly because I am obsessed with Squalane as a skincare ingredient lately! I was told by a skin care expert and dermatologist to look out for this ingreidient as lately my skin seems incredibly dry and almost is starting to feel much thinner, which is a real bad thing saying I’m only 33.

Another reason this product makes my list is because it works fast: it’s a hydrating, fast-absorbing gel moisturiser infused with Squalane, which is a plant-derived oil. The product aims to balances moisture and maintain skin elasticity, resulting in ‘bouncy, plumped skin’.

It is actually very similar to the first product I featured, the Holy Hydration. Yet it’s gel texture feels slightly different and it is more focused on moisture balance and fast absorbency, plumping up the skin faster.

I’ve been told to keep an eye out for Squalane products, as the plant-derived oil helps improve moisture balance and elasticity while deeply moisturizing skin. So far, a brilliant moisturiser!

Have you guys tried E.L.F before? Feel free to explore their online site here, as the product range is extremely extensive, in which I felt a smaller round up on here would be more beneficial!

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