Dreams Of Landing A Job As A CIA Agent

CIA jobs can certainly be very rewarding and very exciting. It is not hard to see why you may have the desire to become a CIA agent. Not only will you be serving your country, but also your career will be extremely satisfying and rarely are two days ever the same!

Not to mention, you can earn a pretty tidy sum for yourself.

Nevertheless, getting a job at the CIA is certainly not an easy task. There are stringent requirements in place and individuals need to pass certain tests and have the necessary qualifications, like an online criminal justice bachelor degree. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are unaware of what is needed to become a CIA agent, and so their chances of becoming one are sometimes ruined without them even realising it.

So, if you have been dreaming of CIA careers, read on to discover what will be expected of you…

There is only one place to begin with CIA jobs and this is the fact that all applicants have to go through a complete background investigation, as well as a thorough polygraph and medical examination.

It’s worth pointing out that once you are hired these tests will continue. The CIA wants to make sure that all employees live a clean lifestyle and that they do not have any previous criminal records or anything alike. This is something that can often wreck people’s careers before they have even begun, as young people often do not know the consequences of their actions.

This can, of course, be extremely disappointing, especially for those that have changed their ways, but when it comes to roles as pivotal as those with the CIA there will be no exceptions.

You will also need a security clearance to be accepted for CIA jobs openings.

There are many different CIA employment opportunities and you will certainly need a degree to be accepted for one of these openings. Degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Safety, i.e. Homeland Security, are advisable routes to go down.

You should, of course, familiarize yourself with what is involved in CIA careers before you elect to seek the necessary education and such like. This can be a stressful and high-risk working environment, which requires good team skills, high integrity, and analytical ability. If you are not right for the role it is better to know before you spend years getting the necessary qualifications!

You will need to be physically and mentally fit. If you want to give yourself the best opportunity at progressing you may also consider learning other languages. Whilst this is not necessary it will definitely give you an advantage.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about becoming a CIA agent!

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