Dr Martens Manchester Launch

The other week, I got hold of my first pair of Dr Martens. I’m not a chunky boot type of girl, so I hadn’t previously taken a huge interest in the brand, but when news came to my ears that were setting up shop on Manchester’s Market St, I looked a little deeper into the brand and the current range of shoes. I found these cute denim look lace up shoes that I thought would look ace paired with leggings or skinny jeans, so I’m now the proud owener of my first pair!

I was pleasantly surprised at the array of shoes they stock that suit every type of footwear shopper! Although they do a fabulous range of durable, good wearing boots, they actually do some cute pump style shoes too. Unfortunatley, I couldn’t make the Dr Marten store launch as I was jetting off to Ibiza and didn’t realise the dates clashed, but I managed to get hold of some pics so you can how the launch parrty went down!

I think the launch of a Manchester Dr Marten’s store is a great addition to our city. The brand has a reputation for being cool and industrial, just like our city! Take a look at the range of shoes they retail online in case there isn’t a store near you!

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