Dolce & Gabbana: ‘Rules for the Modern Gentleman’ App

In this modern day technology crazed nation, it’s no surprise that iPhone app’s are getting extremely popular. From the days where we could only play ‘snake’ on our Nokia’s and we thought it was amazing, to now when there is just about an iPhone app for everything.

I’m not complaining, I personally think app’s are fabulous! There are some really fun ones out there, and the fashion industry has released some really unique ones over the past few months! The newest one I’ve heard about is from fashion genuis’s Dolce & Gabbana and compiled by GQ Editor Dylan Jones, entitled ‘Dolce & Gabbana – Rules for the Modern Gentleman’ iPhone app. This app is the ideal companion for any stylish man on the go, with reference and tips to etiquette, style and grooming.

Designed to echo the refined elegance and cultivated ease of it’s owner, Dylon Jones also shares quick tips along with video suggestions on how to entertain friends, ask a potential love interest to go on a date, and how to select an appropriate suit. Basically, it assists men with any lifestyle issue they may come across. Now theres no excuse for men to be unsure how to carry out some of the most battling duties!

How to tie a tie…

The app runs alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance ‘The One Gentleman’ for men who are distinguished, considered, and with an instinctive feel for chivalry. Best thing of all, the app is completely free! Not bad really, having a free men’s lifestyle app to guide you through different situations!

I downloaded the app to get a better idea of how it worked, and to see some examples of the tips it gives today’s men. It’s actually a fab little idea for men, as it gives fashion tips such as ‘A black suit demands to be taken seriously, and suggest grace when under pressure’ and ‘invest in double cuff shirts’. It’s just the little style hints that a guy who needs a bit of an expert opinion. Also, in today’s world, men can be seen as a little more ‘girly’ and ‘feminine’ if they are caught openly asking for fashion advice and styling ideas, so a discreet app that can simply be read and watched is much more useful and beneficial for today’s bloke! I’ve recommending this to my fella, maybe he could benefit from the video clips and small syling snippets (see images below… ignore the poor quality, took some snapshots from my screen!)

Inspiring the creation of this app is Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance ‘The One Fragrance’ , which is described as bottled homage to the modern gentleman. Some of you fashion concious folk may remember, back in 2008 Dolce & Gabbana launched ‘The One For Men’ – audacious and spice laden winning the attention from both males and females alike. And now for 2011, ‘The One Gentleman’ has been introduced, aimed at the contemporary charmer, with a spirit of dashing masculinity.

The man who wears this will know exactly who he is, and has nothing to prove. This is reflected with it’s simple and understated packaging – a chic black and gold box with little featuring except the title. So if you’re a contemporary bloke, why not treat yourselves to some liquid masculinity? Or for you ladies who may want to treat your other half? Take a look at Bloomingdales for more info , or for us UK shoppers, good old Boots!

Have you tried the app yet? If so, why not share your gentlemanly tips here in the comments boxes!
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