Does A Breast Lift Effect Fat Tissue & Bra Size?

Breast lifts are one of the more popular surgical procedures currently available, with this being driven by a variety of reasons. During the surgery, also known as a mastopexy, any excess skin is removed with the remaining tissue then being reshaped to help raise the overall breast.

While there are a variety of benefits for the practice, there are also a variety of drawbacks. For example, there’s a risk that scarring may develop while there could also be changes in nipple or breast sensation. Many women may also experience a certain amount of difficulty when breastfeeding after having a breast lift.

What many women may find surprising, however, is that there may be a noticeable difference in bra size following the operation. Despite being much more common than many people would believe, many women are still caught off-guard when this occurs.

As a result of this, many women wouldn’t know what may cause this, as well as if there’s a way for it to be avoided or undone. While there may not be a significant number of ways that it can be avoided, it may be amended should women require it, although this can depend on a case by case basis.

Why Is It Done?

William A. Ross, a breast surgeon in Naples, FL, writes there are a variety of reasons why people undergo a breast lift. Much of this is because a breast’s elasticity and firmness can be lost with age. There are a variety of other factors that can affect both of these traits, including pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

These result in a noticeable amount of sagging, with the breasts looking as though they’ve lost their shape and volume. A breast lift aims to overcome these issues by removing and reshaping the area. Alongside this, a medical professional may reshape the areola during the operation so that they more closely align with the breast itself.

Consequently, the areolae will be much more proportional to the breast than they may have been previously. There have been a variety of reasons why people have decided to have the procedure done. While much of these focus around the breast sagging, women have also undergone the operation because:

  • Their nipples fall below the creases of their breasts;
  • The areolae and nipples face downward;
  • The areolas are disproportionate to the breast, or;
  • One breast falls lower than the other.

Despite the variety of benefits that may be seen with a breast lift, there can also be several risks. While many women will already know of some of the more common of these, they’ll be surprised by how the mastopexy can affect their bra size. Alongside this is how much of an effect they could have on the fat cells and adipose tissue of the breast.

While these changes may be related to each other, many will still be surprised that it’s the case. As such, it’s something that everybody should be aware of before undergoing the operation.

How Does It Affect Adipose & Fat Tissue?

During a mastopexy, a physician will remove a certain amount of fat tissue and adipose tissue from around your breast. This is the primary way that the surgeon will be able to reshape and lift the overall breast. To determine how much of the tissue will be removed, they will consult with you to assess your needs.

During the operation, it’s not unheard of for a certain amount of the tissue to become damaged, which can often result in scarring that many women may develop. However, much of this depends on the skill level of the surgeon, as well as the overall extent of the procedure.

During the operation, however, surrounding adipose tissue may become damaged, which may be concerning for some wishing to undergo the procedure.

While this may seem as though it will be a large issue, it shouldn’t be, as the damage will be much more minimal than you may believe. This is especially true if you choose a high-quality surgeon to perform it. Alongside this is that a breast lift is much safer than many other surgeries.

In short, a breast lift should result in much less adipose and fat tissue surrounding the breast.

How Does It Affect Bra Size?

While many women don’t expect much of a change in their breast size by undergoing a mastopexy, it can have a much more significant effect on this than you might realize. According to some reports, a breast lift may decrease the size of the breast by up to a full cup size.

One study conducted evaluated a small group of women for five years after they underwent surgery and saw a reduction in their overall breast size. While many might assume that weight changes and a variety of other factors may play a role in this, the study was able to rule these changes out.

As such, the majority of the change that was seen as a result of the surgery itself. Each of the participants in the study underwent a breast lift only, which meant that there was little to differentiate between each of the women. Alongside this, none of the participants reported changing bra manufacturer or brand during this time.

While there was a variation in how much of a reduction in size they saw, the average between them was one cup size, with many reporting a drop from a D to a C cup. Many women may wonder what drives this change, although they may be surprised by answers that have been suggested.

Many experts believe that a significant number of women don’t wear the correct cup size, with this being driven by the excess skin and tissue surrounding the area. This has often made slightly larger cups much more comfortable for many women.

During a breast lift, however, this excess skin and tissue are removed, which could mean that the cup sizes may now be much more uncomfortable than they once were. As a result, experts have suggested that the primary reason for this reduction in cup size is women now choosing a more appropriate cup for their breasts.

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