Discovering Natural Beauty Brand Urban Veda at Fragrance Direct

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve recently been switching up a lot of my beauty products for natural brands.

I’ve been quite wary about what goes onto my skin lately, mainly because of knowing that whatever chemicals are in your skincare can actually seep into your bloodstream. Did you know that? It’s crazy, right?

So if you’re skincare products contain any nasties or harsh chemicals, chances are eventually they absorb into your bloodstream, entering your body. If I can avoid the risk of that happening, then I’ll try my hardest.

The latest brand I have started to use and bring to my natural skincare collection (which is growing quite quickly!) is Urban Veda. These products are available from Fragrance Direct, an online retailer I’ve been using for a long time, and was super impressed to discover they stock a large selection of natural beauty brands.

Don’t let the name fool you. Of course, Fragrance Direct retail a very extensive array of fragrances from all the brands you can think of, yet they are also offer makeup, skincare, men’s beauty, hair products, tanning, healthy living brands, and even candles and home items.

So, lets discuss why I’ve been enjoying using Urban Veda products for the past three weeks, and why I wanted to pop this review up on my blog.

Firstly, as mentioned above, I’m all for natural skincare these days. I’ve spent many years using harsh products designed for acne, which has left my skin quite dehydrated, even though it is naturally oily. Crazy, I know. When I tell people my skin type in oily but the concern is dehydration and dullness, they look at me as if I’ve really confused them!

I had heard of Urban Veda before when researching into natural skincare brands, but didn’t know too much about them. Then, when I was given the opportunity by Fragrance Direct to try a few, I told them about my skin type and concerns and awaited two shiny new natural beauty products to add to my regime…

The first is the Urban Veda Radiance Hydrating Toner, which was an ideal product for me to try as I’m a huge toner fan.

Too many people skip toning, and although down to personal preference, I feel it’s a real key step in my own personal skincare regime. Not only does it remove the last traces of makeup, dirt and grime, it can treat your skin and add benefits, depeding on how the toner is tailored.

This one is for boosting radiance and creating a clearer, brighter complexion. You just add a few drops to a cotton pad and swipe all across the face (avoiding eyes) after cleansing and before your day or night time product

This Urban Veda Radiance Hydrating Toner is also a hydrating one too, so it doesn’t dry out the skin. However, the best bit for me – which I wasn’t aware of at first – is that it is enriched with anti-inflammatory turmeric, healing aloe vera and blemish-reducing papaya, therefore it’s brilliant for acne prone skin.

I have always suffered from acne, so it was amazing for me to be able to use a toner which not only hydrates and clarifies, but eases any breakouts and prevents them from getting worse. I’ve noticed it brightens too, which is possibly due to the exfoliating papaya.

Then comes the next product, the Urban Veda Radiance Day Cream, which works with the toner as part of their Turmeric and Botanics skincare range.

As I’ve struggled with acne for years, I have a lot of pigmentation from previous breakouts, meaning my skin is dull and a little blotchy looking. If a day cream promotes radiance, then I’m interested, but with this one more so as I was eager to let the natural properties do the work.

This cream has been wonderful for those areas of dehydration around my cheeks and nose, as it soothes those tight dry skin patches (which the turmeric-infusion helps with!)

It’s super lightweight, yet feels rich and creamy when applied, and absorbs pretty much straight away. I love the feeling of this, and it makes an excellent base before putting my makeup on too.

Due to being enriched with brightening turmeric extract and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs, my skin has this light, subtle sheen to it afterwards, almost like a lit-from-within-glow. So if it’s radiance and brightening you’re after to create that naturally fresh glow, this is more than ideal.

They say that with regular use, this day cream can improve signs of hyperpigmentation and lock in moisture with this blemish-fighting blend of natural ingredients. So for me, it’s one I’m going to stick to using as it sounds pretty much tailored to my skin type, without me using any harsh chemicals.

You can shop Urban Veda along with a very long list of other big and small beauty brands at Fragrance Direct.

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