Custom Face Masks: The Covid-19 Fashion Accessory

Most fashion statements are a product of influence and culture. We tend to follow what the A-list celebrities and elite of our society love and wear, But the tables have turned by a microscopic germ. The scary yet extremely common Covid-19 pandemic has set new trends for us, and it looks as if they are here to stay for a long time coming yet…

The world is sat on edge daily, awaiting updates on the Covid-19 virus. It has brought symptoms, panic, and ironically enough, an accidental yet fun fashion statement for us– custom face masks. In the midst of an awful virus, the fashion industry has dedicated a fashion accessory especially to this virus. And now, it’s become the norm to be wearing a mask everyday.

There’s Nothing Fashion Can’t Do

The standard protection and care provided by these face masks have made them a necessity. The principle of not venturing out in the public with faces half-obscured is well-settled by now. Face masks are now a part of our every-day attire; no questions asked. In fact, we even see these masks in wedding receptions and fancy get-togethers and for this very reason, the fashion industries have extended the wing to take these face masks under their shed. You can now get some of the most stylish, colourful and printed versions possible, or sleek, minimal designs in an array of materiaks.

Different brands such as are now promoting color-coordinated masks and also allow wearers to submit their artwork online to have their masks personalized. This way face masks are easily added to one’s style.

Just like the colours and prints are becoming diverse, the ways of wearing face masks are also evolving. The popular garments used as a fashion innovation include bandanas and neck gaiters. It’s just becoming a growing fashion phenomena – if we like it or not.

No Loops: Neck Gaiter Face Coverings

Gone are the days when only pale blue and green surgical masks with white ear loops were worn for protection. Ever since the CDC and WHO have allowed the public to wear fabric face masks – courtesy to the short supply of medical-grade KN-95 masks – fashionables have taken control of the reins and have introduced several methods of using fabric garments as face covers/masks. As per the guidelines, the fabric masks should fulfill the following basic criteria:

  • Multiple layers of fabric – to limit the spread of the virus and for adequate protection.
  • Breathable and soft material – we need to wear masks for a long time and the last thing one needs to worry about is getting suffocated and fainting.
  • Snug-fit – the masks should not be loose on the face. They should fit properly to get the job done.
  • And yes, you can forego those ear-pulling loops.

Benefits of Custom Gaiter Masks

The custom gaiter face mask is a creative revision of necessity that meets the standards, easily. Furthermore, it provides ease, comfort, and variety to such an extent that face masks no longer feel forced and boring. These new trends have provided people a sense of control in the inevitable circumstances.

Moreover, these masks have provided a sense of normalcy in the otherwise abnormally restricted life. People now focus on brightening the gloomy Covid days with a splash of color. The clothing businesses have gained a new ray of hope as their custom masks make up for the lost revenue. Face masks bring us positivity and protection.

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