Creating a Unique Skincare Blend with BIO EXTRACTS

You all know I’m super into my skincare, and I love bringing you news on new initiatives and products. However, although I’ve recently been trying out some really impressive brands, it’s been a while since I’ve stumbled across a real ‘wow’ concept. Anyway, that’s just changed, and here I am sharing it with you.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been blending up my skincare, personalising it with the help of skincare brand BIO EXTRACTS.

I mean, we all want that more tailored, bespoke approach to our skincare, right? I certainly do. Sometimes I wish my night cream had a little more acne fighting ingredients, or my eye cream was more brightening.

Well it looks like BIO-EXTRACTS have fully understood and took on this need from beauty enthusiasts out there.

Using cutting-edge biotechnology, BIO-EXTRACTS products lets your skin experience the power of nature on a new level. The products are packed with highly purified ingredients, in which from having a research on their website, are chosen based on the knowledge of ancestral beauty secrets and the wisdom of traditional medicinal practices.

The brand have launched 12 potent, ultra-strength ‘Boosts’, which are a range of serums which target a specific skin concern. So in a nutshell, the ‘Boosts’ can be added to moisturisers and eye creams, in which their performance is enhanced.

I was kindly gifted a handful of ‘Boosts’, along with the BIO-EXTRACTS Eye Contour Age Defying cream and the Intense Moisture Face Cream. So all I had to decide next was which boosts did I feel like adding to my moisturiser, to tailor it a little more towards my own needs.

The great thing is, is that you’d struggle not to find a boost that suits your needs. BIO-EXTRACTS have pretty much every type covered, from an anti-oxidant boost, a clear skin boost, an anti-wrinkle, an even-skin one, etc etc…

The one’s which jumped out to me included the Hyaluronic Hydro Boost for when I get really dry, dull skin, the Redness Relief Boost for when I have angry looking skin, and the Pore Minimizing Boost.

Both the moisturiser and the eye cream that I have both come with a little hole at the top of the jar (that you can ‘plug’ back in so the cream doesn’t come out). So on the days where I’m stressing a bit about my open pores, I can pop in a little drop of the Pore Minimiser Serum Boost.

On the days where I want to look more awake and get rid of my dark circles, I can add the Brightening eye serum boost to the eye contour cream I have.

It really depends what your skin concerns are, but what I love the most about this concept is that you can pretty much cater to any skin issue you are bothering about.

I spied on the site that they have a Glow boosting ‘boost’ serum, too. I haven’t tried this one out, but with fresh, glowing skin becoming one of the most wanted complexions right now, I predict this one will be very popular!

Because you can add serum boosts to the moisturisers and eye creams also means that you’re essentially bulking up the product a little, meaning your cream is going to last a lot longer than it usually would.

The face moisturisers retail at £27, and the serum boost retail at £19.50. Take a look at the website here, which very visually and colourfully displays how the boosts work with the creams, to create a real bespoke skincare regime.

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