Coco Chanel – The Legend And The Life

One of my saddest moments last week was passing up the chance to meet Justine Picardie at London’s Claridges Hotel to discuss her latest book Coco Chanel – The Legend And The Life. I had work commitments in Manchester, but luckily I got sent a copy of the book to make up for being unable to attend.

Justine tells the story of Chanel in this chic novel, revealing Gabrielle Chanel’ s early years and exploring what lies beneath the glossy surface of the fashion icon. The book is filled with beautiful imagery, Chanel fashion illustrations  and personal photographs, allowing the reader to take a step into the life of Coco Chanel. Justine has worked for Vogue and The Observer, therefore is an extremely talented writer, and she tells the tale with character and wit, making this an intriguing read.

Signed Copy Of Coco Chanel Book

I currently can’t put this book down! It’s a fabulous read, especially for those interested in the lives of the fashion industry legends. It is also the perfect gift for your girlfriends, I know a few fashionable friends who would appreciate a copy of this for bedtime reading!

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