CBD Deodorants vs. Traditional Deodorants: The 3 Key Takeaways

One of the most natural parts of being a human is that we sweat to expel toxins from their bodies. We do so during exercise, when outside on a hot day, or when heading to the beach for an afternoon of fun in the sun. However, men and women want to avoid the odour that often comes with sweat and would prefer to keep the sweat at bay. Makes sense doesn’t it – sweating is usually associated with stickiness and smells, so of course we want to keep it at bay.

However, your regular beauty brand and drugstore deodorants frequently cannot accomplish this goal. They work for a few hours and that’s it. A person can carry one of these products around with them, but who wants to be doing that?

Many brand name deodorants contain toxins, the exact things the body tries to expel when it sweats. Even with these products, they still cannot keep the sweat and odour at bay. This explains why more people are looking for alternatives, and many people now turn to 100% natural versions the CBD-infused deodorant at Pure Plan.

Why Do Humans Sweat?

Besides eliminating toxins from the body, sweat helps to regulate the body’s temperature and keep the person cool. People often sweat when they are nervous, as the body temperature rises when they reach this state. A nervous person likely already feels self-conscious, and sweat and body odour only increases this feeling. Other emotions may also lead to sweat production due to the rise in body temperature.

When sweat combines with bacteria on the skin, body odour becomes an issue. To avoid this, men and women use deodorant every day. They know they won’t develop an unpleasant odor when they sweat.

Traditional Deodorants

Deodorants ‘main aim’ is to work to eliminate body odour and keep us feeling fresh. Many deodorants available today do so by combating the bacteria on the skin responsible for this odour, and quite a few of these deodorants contain similar ingredients, such as aluminum salts. Researchers found aluminum to be a neurotoxin, which can lead to a decline in a person’s performance on neuropsychological tests.

Other products contain man-made preservatives known as parabens, which some studies suggest are harmful to humans, and many contain artificial dyes and fragrances. Humans who wish to avoid coming into contact with harmful substances now turn to natural alternatives such as a CBD-infused deodorant, as it’s advised for a healthier life, a more eco-friendly stance, and overall good well-being to avoid parabens.

CBD Deodorants

CBD-infused deodorants offer similar results to traditional deodorants but use natural methods to prevent body odour. The products contain moderate amounts of CBD to kill the bacteria responsible for the odour. Cannabis plants contain many cannabinoids, one of which is CBD, but CBD doesn’t provide the high marijuana is known for.

Besides killing the bacteria, CBD helps balance moisture in the skin and could help reduce pain and inflammation. Consumers must review the label to see what other ingredients are present. Some products contain mineral salts and clays to pull toxins from the sweat glands. Other ingredients might include essential oils or other terpenes present in the cannabis plant. Know what is present in the product you select to ensure you get one that meets your needs in every way.

Men and women looking to replace their current skincare products with more natural ones are turning more often to CBD deodorant, finding it is ideal for their needs. Other people choose to try CBD deodorant because the products they have been using no longer work, and they are seeking a natural alternative that contains only natural ingredients.

Have a think about your current deodorant and the cleansing regime you have. Do you need to switch to a more natural alternative? Perhaps it’s time…

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