Bringing in a Touch of Gold With F.Hinds Jewellery

I’ve been a sterling silver jewellery wearer my whole life, well, since about being 18 years old and onwards. I always felt it suited me more and was quite understated – not to mention it kind of paired up with my pale, pasty skin.

However, I’ve been falling in love with some stunning, delicate gold pieces of jewellery recently, and have also spotted a lot of gorgeous Instagram posts featuring chunky gold chains, layered up with finer, pretty gold necklaces and bracelets.

It got me thinking about my complexion and my hair colour, and also my skin tone. I’m not 18 anymore, I’m in my early thirties, and it’s OK to change. Perhaps gold will bring out the warm undertones my pale skin might have? Plus, I have caramel blonde pieces in my dark blonde hair, which I feel alongside my skin tone, a touch of gold may add that warmth I’ve been needing.

As much as I adore the beautiful chunky gold accessories I’ve seen across Instagram and Pinterest lately, I’ve decided to start introducing gold to my look in a more subtle way. Before I start layering up statement pieces, I’m playing around with delicate gold chains, which can sit on my collar bone to let me adjust to seeing that flash and sparkle of gold.

The necklace I’m wearing in the photos here is from the gold chain selection at F.Hinds. I’ve known about F.Hinds for a long while – a quality jewellery retailer who offer an array of beautiful pieces across earrings, bracelets, engagement rings, necklaces, rings and gifts, to name a few. I even browsed their selection of engagement rings when I got engaged last year, as my partner was kind enough to let me pick my own (sometimes ladies, it’s the way forward!).

The necklace I opted for after careful consideration was the F.Hinds 9ct Gold 1mm Wide Solid Anchor Chain, which comes on a 16in gold chain. It’s dainty with dine detailing, and sits just around the collar bone

It’s actually a 9 Carat yellow gold chain, which I’ve never owned before. Yellow gold is quite new for me, but I feel it works really well when worn alone on my neckline to make an understated look. Plus, I’m constantly wearing me new oversized beige blazer from H&M, and this necklace sits perfectly on the neckline, peeping through without being too ‘bling’ or obvious.

I started wearing more gold earrings before I tried out any gold necklaces or bracelets, so I’ve been pairing this necklace with some of my little gold half hoops, or gold and Cubic Zirconia stud earrings. Very elegant in my opinion!

If you would rather see jewellery ‘in person’, and try on pieces to get a feel of the finish, shape or size, then it’s probably best you head to a store before you buy. F.Hinds does have over 115 stores around the UK, although I did find the imagery on site and the descriptions of the material, clasps and cuts to be very precise and informative.

So what about you: are you a gold or a silver person? I’m still an advocate for both teams at the moment, but we’ll see if gold can take over!

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