Book: A Life In Frocks

When people refer to buying a book for ‘the holidays’, it usually means a book to occupy whilst jetting away during Summer. But there’s a colder holiday season coming up, and to me, it’s a perfect time to get stuck into a book. I don’t know whose as lucky as me, as I have managed to bag 10 crafty days off work this Christmas (although the wonderful world of freelancing means I’ll still be tied to my desk at home), and with the icy weather and all that free time, it has to be the best time to indulge in a book.

So I found one that is more suited to me than anything I’ve ever read. For all you obsessive shoppers and fashion fanatics out there too, it may just be the book you’ve been waiting for! A Life In Frocks is written by Kelly Doust and is about the ‘divine obsession’ a woman can have for clothes. So just this first line of the blurb caught my attention. Obviously…..

It’s a personal, entertaining, joyous – and seductive – exploration on the significance of clothes filtered through one womans life-long infatuation (relating to anyone yet?).  Kelly Doust adores the playfulness of fashion; she loves the ritual and drama of getting dressed. Doust says that over the years, clothes have comforted her, given her confidence, lured lovers, made her invisible, secured jobs, aged her and given back her youth. If us fashion lovers think hard into our own love for clothes, I’m sure we can all see that Doust hits the nail on the head. We are becoming a nation of clothes addicts who buy way too many glossy magazines, puzzle over how we can spend over half our life shopping (don’t pretend that we don’t) and then puzzle over the fact we spend all morning staring at our racks of clothes before declaring we officially have nothing to wear. But surely it’s not a bad thing!

The book is a beautiful illustrated mix of memoir, thoughts, fantasies and conversations purely about the true love for clothes. The perfect Christmas read or present for your fashionable friend!


A Life In Frocks By Kelly Doust

One more lovely thing to mention is that Kelly Douse is also part of the ever-growing fashion blogging world, check out her blog here



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