Beauty: Xen Tan Spray Tan at Lidos Salon, Altincham

Last week, I did something that was way overdue. I am actually ashamed to admit it, as a girl who loves her beauty, can’t be seen without being perfectly groomed, false tan neatley applied everyday… But I had never had a spray tan! I know it might sound outrageous, but I’ve just never really needed to! Or so I thought…

Anyway, last minute TV appearances sent me into panick mode. My pasty arms and legs were not going to do me any justice. It was thursday morning and I needed to be glowing for the next morning, so time wasn’t on my side. Luckily, I managed to get myself booked in at the luxurious Lidos Salon in Altrincham, Manchester, for a Xen Tan Spray Tan. So I headed over for 6pm, and was greeted by a lovely aroma of relaxing oils as I filled out some forms regarding infomation about my skin type.

The beauty therapist took one look at me and decided instantly that I only needed a light tan (well no point pretending I’m any darker than I naturally am!). I wrapped myself up in an oversized black gown, and had a peaceful 15minute wait with complimentary drinks before being taken through.

I have to say it was an amazingly fast procedure, and the colour developed instantly so I could see how tanned I would look. Obviously the colour was only a guide, and I was instructed to wash it off the next morning to reveal my golden tan. The therapist explained everything to me whilst applying the tan, before handing me Xen Tan’s Little Book of Tanning so I would have any other questions answered.

The result? Ten out of ten! I could not fault the salon, the service or the tan. I felt that the therapist helped me achieve the ideal shade for my skin tone, and was more than helpful with anything I needed. The tanning procedure took around 15 minutes, and I had a deep, glowing Xen Tan for 7 full days! Aparantly, since Xen Tan has been introduced to salons, it is now more favourable than the once trusty St Tropez! I cannot comment on any other spray tan brands, but all I can say is that Xen Tan left me with an even, natural looking tan that got me lots of excellent comments!

My once pasty white arm...

A nice newly tanned arm!

Another tanned shot with Alex from Hollyoaks, Sara Luxe and Jen A Little Bird

I will be booking in at The Lidos Salon again for my 25th birthday in May!

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  1. April 15, 2011 / 9:54 am

    i was so so jealous of ur tan that day . and have bookmarked this so i can visit them before any summer weddings Im going to !

  2. Lucy
    April 16, 2011 / 8:59 am

    Take me with u when u go back!!!xx

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