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I’m not very adventurous when it comes to false tanning. I’m usually known as ‘the girl who swears by Johnson’s gradual tanning lotion’, which I can pick up for 99p at Bodycare. Spray tans are also a no-no. So to be blunt, I’ve just never been bothered enough to find the perfect false tan. However ladies, a wonder of a product has changed my mind. I received Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe along with a Xen-Tan body exfoliator a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to brave it up and put my Johnson’s to the back of my cupboard. The first time I used it, I mixed it with body lotion as I wasn’t too sure how I’d find using a false tan that wasn’t really a body lotion. I was very nicely sent a Xen-Tan mitt to ensure I apply it correctly (for first-timers like me, this was a god send!).

Xen-Tan’s Deep Bronze Luxe formula claims to deliver an ultra sheet instant colour and the fresh scent of vanilla, whilst releasing an extra intense boost of deep olive colour. It claims to take 8 hours to fully develop, so is advised to apply in the morning if you wish to have bronzed skin for the evening. It also contains Vitamin E, Green Tea and skin-loving antioxidants that sooth, smooth and nourish the skin. The Deep Bronze Luxe formula also claims to be Cameron Diaz’s ‘secret weapon’, and Elle magazine say it is their ‘best ever beauty buy‘. Well if it’s good enough for the Diva Diaz herself, then surely it’s good enough for me! Here’s my review:

Colour: It took me about 2-3 hours to start noticing a colour developing, and when it did, it was a warm, deep brown, without any hint of orange (because face it ladies, this isn’t the look we want). The following evening I received a lot of comments from friends about my tan, although it did keep developing throughout the night when I didn’t think it could possibly develop anymore after just one application!

Application: It’s murky mud colour put me off at first, put once I rubbed it in, it blended into my skin without looking streaky or producing any dark patches. The Xen-Tan Tanning Mitt is the best option to ensure a thorough application is applied, especially if your like me and hate having to wash your hands straight after tanning. Drying time was almost instant – I waited around 5 minutes before putting on clothing, to which I felt no stickiness or oily residue.

Scent: One of the best smelling false tan lotions I have ever used. A scrumptious vanilla scent that reminded me of cakes (random I know). I was disappointed that the vanilla scent faded pretty quick, and once it fades you are left with the usual fake tan smell that isn’t very pleasant.
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Performance: I received more compliments when wearing Xen-Tan than I have with any other false tan product. It produced a completely streak-free tan with a gorgeous glow, and even though the colour developed quite deep and I have naturally fair skin, it looked beautifully natural on me. I would 100% recommend Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe lotion to anyone considering changing their current fake tanning regime!

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