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Applying black liquid eyeliner is one of my many downfalls in life. I apply make-up everyday, and sometimes do it ‘professionally’ if you want to call it that, for weddings and special occasions. However, applying that all important, striking black winged eyeliner to that upper eyelid is a hard ask. You’ve got to have a steady hand, a great natural lash line, and the creativity to see that dramatic ‘flick’ point. Do I have any of those three? Perhaps the last one, if I want to give myself some credit.

I’ll stick by the logic that to create a rather nice cat-eyed look with eyeliner, you need the best tools. You need an easy to apply, greatly pigmented, slick black liquid applicator, and sometimes you got to go premium to get it.

My new favourite is Lancome’s Grandoise Bendable Eyeliner. The High Precision Long-Wearing Line Intense Matte Finish eyeliner has a super long lid which doubles up as the handle, making the 35-degree bendable wand allow for an easy and precise liquid liner look. This angle allows for super close access to the lash line, while the ultra-thin tip of the felt applicator creates a mess-free application.

The liquid eyeliner comes with an impressive improved formula, which uses pigment extracts for a beautiful matte effect. For me, I found that the eyeliners formula applies smoothly, dries quickly, and is smudge-proof and long lasting. I have really small eyelids, so it’s nice to use a quick-drying liner which doesn’t have time to smudge onto the area below my brow! I’ve been applying the one coat first, and then doubling up with a second one, before working on that flick at the end…


The natural brush line create a fine – but not too fine – slick line which is perfect for my eyeshape. Just trying this out makes me realise why I need to focus a little more on perfecting the art of liquid eyeliner.

I’m also a firm favourite user of the Lancome Grandoise Mascara too, which I won’t lie does set me back around £26, but it’s by far the best mascara I’ve ever used for lengthening, volumising and adding that dramatic black look to my eyes. And now that I own the Grandoise eyeliner, I have the complementing missing piece! It’s available for £23 at Selfridges

Along with experimenting with the Lancome eyeliner, I’ve also been trying out a few other beauty goodies which I’ve reviewed below. Take a look and see which ones’s my favourites are…

FOREO Luna Mini 2: OK so I’m on day 11 of using this, and I usually like to give around four weeks before I can ‘officially’ rave about a product, but so far, I’m loving this. The vibrating silicone texture gently works to cleanse the pores and remove all traces of dirt, yet without causing any friction or damage. I simple lather up my face with water and cleanser and let this device do it’s magic. Continued use is meant to bring a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion, so I’ll be reporting back on my findings. So far, so good!

Other beauty products I’ve just started trying out include Elemental Herbology, Lanlips multi-purpose balm, Yardley Lily of the Valley Spritz, Environ face care, Jane Iredale make-up and a couple of items from Skin Defender. Stay tuned for some truthful reviews!


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