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Just a quick blog post to tell you about a brand I have come across which I feel will be of interest to many of you ladies out there! I recently came across the brand Tranformers, who specialise in products which aim to make a visiable difference to your appearance, whether it be in the form of eye lifting, lip plumping, skin lightening or teeth whitening.

With a tag line of ‘Beauty Without Surgery’, I am sure you can see where this brand is heading; it is successfully going down the line of creating product ranges which encourage using products instead surgery. I had a test of two items from the Transformulas range, and have to admitt I was dubious at first as I rarely touch on products with a ‘without surgery’ slant.

Here’s a little more info on the EyeLifting ‘Lift Your Eye Bags’ Gel, RRP £29.00:

Beech Tree Bud – gives skin more elasticity to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Kigelia Africana Extract – Offers antibacterial properties for healing, firming and hydrating.
25% Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin – Average used by other brands is 5%, Transformulas use 25% to encourage moisture and lift.

The product felt very cooling when applying under the eyes. It also had a ‘tight’ feeling, as if my skin was being pulled, but personally I quite enjoyed this feeling as it really felt like the gel was working. I seemed to be quite aware of the ‘lifting’ feeling, so I would say this was a good thing. The gel absorbed quickly, leaving a cooling sensation and I noticed a de-puffiness effect almost immediatley. I trialled this product for a week and didn’t notice wrinkles being filled, but that’s probably because at the tender age of 24 I have very minimal lines to test this on. I did, however, notice that under eye bags appeared less visible, skin felt smoother and 100% more refreshed.

And here’s some information on Transformulas LipVolume – Orginal Ice Cool, Chinese Peppermint.

Beeswax – Soothes and Softens
Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil – Forms a protective layer to keep lips looking youthful
Tocopheryl Acetate Vitamin E3 – Boasts of anti-inflammatory and healing properties
Cera Alba – Helps skin produce collagen which supports plumper lips

This product has won the “Best Lip Volumiser” in two countries and “Number 1” in Now Star Style Magazine, so I had high hopes for it! I can gladly say I havn’t been disappointed, I actually love this product! It has a tingly mint sensation which is very cooling, yet the peppermint taste doesnt linger for too long so I forgot I had it on! I have used lip plumping products before and have found they have a slight ‘sting’ feel when applying them, where I was glad to see this Transformuas product didnt have. Product has a balm-like feel and gives a slick of shine – not too much shine though- and after repeat usage gives lips a boost i appearance. I did notice my lips looking more stimulated and noticable, I am not sure I noticed a 40% plumper looking pair of lips, however I will be continuing the usgae to give this a go!

I also want to give this brand some positive feedback for their company website. The Transformulas website is so easy to use, with clear and concise product information. Each product comes complete with an application video and ingredient list so as a shopper, you really know the ins and outs of every product before buying. A lovely brand, would not think twice to use them again!

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