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I’ve recently been on holiday and b0mbarded with work, which has lead to the poor blog taking a back seat for the past week *slaps wrist*. But on the up side, I had a lovely little break, a nice tan on the once pasty skin and a refreshed writers mind!

I also decided whilst I was away that I was going to try and learn something new when I returned, so I’ve gave up my long fighting battle with putting myself off taking up make up training. I’ve always wanted to learn make-up artistery, but never really saw the need to as I’m more than happy in my fashion career. But then I thought, well it’s only a hobby, I’d just love to be able to turn around and say “would you like me to do your make-up?” if any of my friends are battling with liquid eyeliner before a night out!

So I signed up for an evening class, just a couple of hours a week I’ll be learning the tricks of the trade. So in celebrating of my brand new decision, I thought I’d post my most wanted make-up product of this week…

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Tom Ford have launched a stunning range of lipsticks with the signiture ‘TF’ lettering placed on the tip of the lipstick. How pretty is this deep shade of coral? I’m a sucker for a bold reds, pinks and orange shades, so this one looks like it was made for me!

This is a must have for my  make-up kit I’ll soon be preparing! Wish me luck!

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