Beauty: The Hero Project Glow Drops Review

I said to myself that I wasn’t going to review The Hero Project Glow Drops until I’d been using the product for at least a month. However, three weeks have passed and I’ve noticed what I like to call ‘blog-able results’, which has made it perfectly OK for me to review!

Firstly, you may already know I’m a huge fan of The Hero Project as a skincare brand after recently reviewing their Night Drops Stress Less Elixir, and Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost, which you can check out here. I’d noticed lots of beauty bloggers and journalists reviewing the Glow Drops, a dry touch facial oil with vitamin C, and decided this was the next product I had to try out.

What are Glow Drops by The Hero Project?

This oil has been created to give you the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin with Glow Drops® from The Hero Project. In a nutshell, it’s an ultra-silky, dry touch facial oil that seeks to brighten and nourish the complexion in one simple step. I have really dull, tired looking skin, and I hear so many positives about Vitamin C facial oils that I really wanted to see if this could brighten my complexion.

The oil is formulated with over 98% naturally derived ingredients, focusing on delivering an intensive dosage of nutrients and vitamins to leave skin looking and feeling as though it’s experienced an indulgent spa treatment.

What’s inside?

This silky dry oil is Infused with a blend of ten botanic essential oils, as well as Argan and Hemp Seed Oils. I always find Argan Oil works great with my skin because it is literally so nourishing and doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy, it just instantly absorbs (perhaps that because I have lots of dry patches…)

There is also a potent shot of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C packed inside this producy, which is added to deliver free radical protection and to help skin get that healthy, radiant glow, as well as diminish any dull, sluggish cells which can give that ‘grey’ complexion.

Again, like the Night Drops, it’s another cleverly designed and beautiful looking bottle with a push button dropper and smart base dimple, ensuring no product is wasted. And because its important to know, this facial oil is free from parabens, sulphates, alcohol and mineral oil, and is vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

My Results

So I’ve been applying this lovely scented facial oil in the mornings, using 2-3 drops massaged into my skin. I literally just drop onto my fingers and apply in an upwards motion. I give it around 2-3 minutes before applying my moisturiser (still using the Intense Moisture Boost from The Hero Project at the moment, but I sometimes switch it up with Murad’s anti-aging and acne moisturiser because I’ve been getting pesky breakouts lately – eurgh).

I didn’t see too much happening during the first 5 days, but after getting into a routine, I noticed that my skin was indeed starting to look not just brighter, but dewier and hydrated. This product isn’t really promoted as a primer, but I found that applying it before my moisturiser really helped my moisturiser do its job better, hence my makeup then sitting on perfect!

It kind of lets my skin light up a little – it’s quite hard to describe, except to just say it looks much more ‘lit’ (hate that word!). Almost like I’ve had my 8 glasses of water every day, which I definitely don’t.

What I really like about this product is that it pretty much just does what it says it does – it brightens, it hydrates, and it smooths. It doesn’t create this out-of-this-world gleaming glow all over your face, but instead delivers a healthy boost of radiance, giving my complexion an all-over brightened look.

For £24, it’s worth the money as 2-3 drops a day go such a long way. You could use it in the evenings too, before your night cream. I find it works well enough just once a day, but if you have a real dull complexion you wish to tackle, then twice wouldn’t be over-the-top or anything!

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