Beauty: The Cut Crease Makeup Hack From HAX

Ever wished there were some makeup kits out there that just made doing makeup creations that little bit easier? You know like the fab looks we see on Instagram day in day out… but in reality, we’re like how the hell do we create that? Unless you’re a trained MUA (makeup artists to the ones who aren’t down with abbreviations!) some of the biggest trends can be impossible.

I was recently made aware of HAX – and I literally just had to share them with you. Basically, HAX have launched to take beauty hacks out of the virtual world, to create one-stop kits to achieve Instagram ready looks.

HAX makeup kits bring you fast beauty in easy compact kits, which you can order online. Their initial range includes 5 handy kits:

  • Holographic Lip
  • Rose Gold Lip
  • Glitter Lip
  • Cut Crease
  • Shimmer Cut Crease

 Prices range from £14.99 – £17.99, so they don’t break the bank.

As you can see from my photos above, I’ve been playing around with the Cut Crease Kit, a kit based on the eye makeup look loved by some of the biggest beauty influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

Luckily, this kit provides everything you need to create the Cut Crease look, and inside it’s pretty box you’ll find a three shade palette, eyeliner and a double ended cutting and blending brush.

So lets give it a go!

Step One:

Sweep the cream shade all over the eyelid, up to the brow bone. Just keep sweeping it on until the colour is nice and glowy on the eyelids.

Step Two:

Using the crease guide (which reminds me of a little guitar plectrum!), hold it against your eye as below, and sweep the bronze shade above the crease line, blending it into the cream shade…

Step Three:

You will now have a fresh cream shade on the eyelid itself, and a warm bronze sweeping above the lid and to the brow bone. Make sure you use the blending brush (ie. the thicker, fluffier end of the makeup brush applicator), so these shades are blended well.

Step four:

Keep the guide in place, and then using the smaller end of the makeup brush, apply the dark brown just above the crease line. Don’t apply it as high up as the bronze/cream as used before – keep it close to the crease line.

Step five: 

Blend both the bronze and the dark brown together with the blending brush end, making sure there are no harsh lines.

Step six

Remove the guide, and then apply a line of liquid eyeliner in the black shade that comes with the kit to the upper lid. You can use the guide at the end of the eye lid to carefully apply it, giving your eyeliner a nice little flick at the end.

Step seven:

Repeat all the steps above until you’re happy with how dark/dramatic your eyelid looks. I have just done two rounds of the above on these photos, as I didn’t want an evening look for this tutorial (I was popping out for a daytime lunch!).

I just love how this HAX kit makes it super easy to create this gorgeous bronzed, defined eye look. I mean, so many ladies out there struggle with liquid eyeliner application for a start, but creating that sassy ‘cut crease’ look is just something else altogether.

You can buy HAX kits exclusively as ASOS – so if there are more little makeup tricks you want to create, then you can find the whole collection over there. I’d say these makeup kits make fabulous gifts for the makeup junkies/Instagram obsessives out there.

Your gal pals (and you too for that matter!) now have no excuse for creating professional makeup looks and posting them on the good old ‘gram” …

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