Beauty: The Best Lip Plumping Balm by Nu Skin

If you’re a big social media fan, and follow a lot of beauty influencers, you may be familiar with this incredible product. The Nu Skin Lip Plumping Balm burst onto the scene in October, and sooooo many girls are raving about it!

In a nutshell, it is exactly what the title states: a lip plumping balm. But as well as giving your lips that plumping power and soft subtle boost, its ultra moisturising, lightly scented, glossy, softening and super hydrating. It’s literally my favourite lip product for everyday use, and a firm handbag staple for me.

I’ve had lip fillers before, just the once, and they were absolutely incredible. I genuinely loved the final result, but the procedure was a little daunting. I was reviewing and trying out the treatment to share on What Emma Did (take a read here), and I totally loved the end result although I had been soooo petrified. However, its just not something I would feel comfortable going back for, or spending money on.

Needles, fillers, consultants, expensive treatments… it just isn’t really ‘me’. But keeping this Nu Skin Lip Plumping Balm with me as an everyday essential is working just fine for me! It gives my lips that lovely plump, filled look, with no need for needles and injections and all kinds! Plus, I get the added benefit of glossy, conditioned lips.

I pretty much have no upper lip – its actually kinda hard to see because it is really really thin and hidden. But a few coats of this lip balm, and I get that instant plump and fuller look.

I love this product that much that I decided to join the beauty business behind the Lip Plumping Balm, so I can sell the product myself. So along side a few other incredible beauty products, such as a fantastic teeth whitening toothpaste, I now distribute this product and sell to any one who is keen to own one. If you’d like one of your own, just email me at

Or you can even pester me on Instagram at @whatemmadid_ – I love hearing from fellow beauty obsessives!

The photos below are from a range of people across social media who are also firm fans of the lip plumping balm. Just look at their results! Pretty incredible to say the least…


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