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cool girl grunge
For those of you who follow my blog regularly – or follow me on social media – you may have seen some of my make-up trend photos for a project with intu. In a nutshell, intu are all about shopping- with numerous shopping centres all around the UK. My nearest one is intu Trafford Centre (you can check out my style challenge I did with them over at this post here), and you’ll find each centre is filled with our favourite and most popular stores.

A month or two ago, I set out to team up with intu and take on the #TrendOnTrial challenge. Myself and three other lovely beauty bloggers prepared to take on four different make-up looks, based on the biggest trends of SS16. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the trend tutorial videos put together by intu, and having a go at them myself. Some of these trends are so lovely, and have taught me to work this certain look into my own make-up routine. However some of the others have been really fun to experiment with, but made me realise what doesn’t quite suit me, teaching me how to adapt the trends a little.

Without further waffle, I’ll get started with a little information about each trend, also including the video clip and images so you can gain a real insight…

Candy Apple Red Lips


The first trend I tackled was the ‘Candy Apple Red Lips’ trend, which I was rather excited to have a go at. I love a bold red lip – nothing says strong, sassy and independent like a good solid red lip. However, when carrying out this trend, I found I did have to adapt it slightly to suit my colourings and features. The darker the red, the smaller it makes my lips look, and I have really small, thin lips to begin with (you’ll notice this is the overall problem I seem to have for the other trends too). This, along with my bright blue eyes, blonde hair and pale skin, means that making the red look a little more coral and orange based is a more suited shade. It just means for my complexion, I’d shop around for a more warmer based red shade, or coat my lips with concealer first to lighten up the candy apple red.

Although I feel this trend works well with stripped back make-up (flawless foundation and just a touch of pink blusher), I do love lashings of mascara with this look. It’s very ‘on-trend’, and looks great with classic evening outfits. Have a look at the video here for tips on how to create this look…

Electric Blue Eyes

Ah – the most daring trend out of the four! The Electric Blue Eyes look was a dramatic trend spotted various times across the SS16 catwalks, sported by all the top designers. It’s bold and bright, which is a fab look for Summer, and also gives off fresh and fun vibes. It is definitely something I haven’t tried out before, aside from 60’s and 70’s inspired parties where I have upped my eyeshadow game a little. So how did I find it? Personally, I loved experimenting with this look, and as my eyelids are so small, it looks quite nice how when my eyes are open, just a small glint of bold blue peeps through. But when I look down, as below, statement eyelids are on show! With this look, intu showcased it paired down with light caramel and nude eyes, and defined brows, which I feel is the right way to go.

I’m not sure if I would wear this myself for a evening out, but I might adapt it by using blue eyeliner and a very light sweep of powder blue shadow for holidays. A really good way to accentuate blue eyes!

electric blue eyes

Bronzed Goddess

One of my favourites from the four trends has to be the Bronzed Goddess look. To me, it doesn’t matter if you are blonde or brunette, pale or dark, tall or small…. every girl out there can adapt a bronzed make-up look to suit their face shape, colourings, features and personality. intu styled this up using fresh holiday glow influences, keeping the eyes shimmery and bold with bronze and brown shades, and lashings of black eyeliner and mascara. Cheek bones were slightly chiseled, skin slightly highlighted, and lips very neutral with a nude liner. I had so much fun bronzing myself up, and went a little stronger than I usually do with an all over face bronzer too.

I personally recommend keeping the highlighter a little less shimmery- look for one that lightens the skin and adds a glow rather than a sparkle/shimmer. Even a highlighting concealer could potentially be the best best. The looks is so bronzed and rich that you don’t want too much ‘going on’ if that makes sense! I found this suited me the best, as I could build up as much browns and bronze to my eyes and cheeks as I liked to bring out my best features. A great Summer look!

bronzed eyes

Cool Girl Grunge

This uber cool trend is a very close favourite to the Bronzed Goddess look, especially in terms of what I would usually go for. The Cool Girl Grunge look is a inspired by smokey eyes and vampy lips – a look that works well with a tough fashion style, such as leathers and dark colour palettes. This is much more me because I love to experiment with darker shades and more evening looks – and lets all agree that this look is perfect for a night out! I found that this worked well by layering up a light brown, neutral eye colour, defined with a little dark brown along with lash line and creases. Brows are then thickened, shaped, and darkened, and black mascara to finish to set a bold look. A fresh, matte look for the skin works well with this look, and the paler the skin the better in my opinion! Yo rarely see tanned grunge girls, right? The video here gives a real simple step-by-step, so do check it out.

I kept my skin bronzer free, but with a little touch of dusky pink blush swirled over my cheeks. For the lips – which is the main focus – I lined with a deep purple plum shade first, and then filled in with a rich plum lipstick. A very little dab of gloss to finish, and ta-da, a grungy look was created.

Again, my lips are thin so I applied concealer to them first to give a lighter base, which lifts the darkness of the colour. It just helps to plump out my lips a little, and is a firm tip I share with everyone!

cool girl grunge
So there you have it; four killer make-up looks, each representing the biggest looks for SS16. Which is your favourite? Don’t forget to take a sneak peek at each step-by-step video to learn how to create these looks yourself. Each one is super short as they round-up the how-to’s in the easiest of tips, so you’ll be able to create the trends in no time!

Thanks very much to intu for letting me be apart of this fantastic #TrendOnTrial project. I have certainly learnt lots of new make-up tips!

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