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As a long running beauty blogger, I find I often get asked from people on a daily basis what products and brands I would recommend for problem skin.

Problem skin is quite a wide area; you have the real problem skin which is acne prone, or severely dry, or even those that battle with eczema. There are many problems that us humans encounter with our skin. After all, it is exposed to our surroundings 24/7, and we should focus on reading only the top reviews on products that can help.

Enhancing the way our skin looks and healing our imperfections can always give a big confidence boost

trilogy products

I have so many favourite products and brands, but like everyone, I do have some staple favourites which I use daily and weekly that I really swear by.

So here is my skincare recommendations for skin which is prone to breakouts, has red marks due to previous breakouts, has a tendency to be oily, yet still needs a good case of moisturising…

liz earle
Firstly, I can’t recommend enough switching your face wipes to Micellar water for removing make-up. Make-up wipes may be a quick and easy option which are great for convenience, but overall, they contain so many harsh ingredients and can be fairly drying.

Micellar Water is gentle and really effective- I have been using Garnier’s version which comes in a chunky bottle and provides around 200 uses! It is definitely my favourite, and costs just £3.33 from Boots. I have also used Superdrugs B. Skincare version too, which is a good number 2.

Once I have removed my make-up, I massage my face with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Polish. I have previously raved about Liz Earle products here, so for a more in-depth review, take a look. It has a creamy texture full of natural ingredients and skin conditioning properties, that when washed off with a warm muslin cloth leaves you with soft and supple skin.

Spot prone skin doesn’t always need harsh acne fighting products – I have been seeing better results since I switched to this back in January this year. It is non-drying and for me it is irritation-free. For a gentle exfoliation three times a week to help shed dull skin and encourage healthier skin cell renewal, I use the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator.

I also recommend the Deep Cleansing Mask too, which should be massaged into skin for a couple of minutes to mimic the effects of a facial. Again, I find these products gentle and caring for spot-prone skin, yet effective enough to promote healthier, newer and clearer looking skin.


Another face mask I love and strongly recommend is the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask. I use this on the week’s that I don’t use Liz Earle, and this one is more suitable for those wanted to rid of red marks, sun damage and discolouration. The full review of this product can be seen here. Again, I can’t rave about this product enough!

Trilogy in general is a fantastic brand, and I am also incorporating the following items into my skincare regime in order to fight spots, moisturise and replenish, soothe dry skin and overall, give my skin a healthy glow and soft feel:

trilogy Everything Balm, £12.50
trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream £24.50
trilogy Rosapene Night Cream £28.50
trilogy Blemish Control Gel £12.50

A full review on these little beauty heroes will be coming up on the blog very soon so keep a look out…

inst natural vitamin c

In terms of on-the-spot treatments, or more targeted spot healing regimes, I use three products which I am getting great results from. They are

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum: I used this after a recent dermaroller treatment and have noticed it is fantastic at healing the skin when you have redness caused from breakouts or harsh treatments.

It also adds a touch of radiance to skin, brightening the overall appearance. I use it every morning and night, and it sinks in effortlessly without leaving any sticky residue like some serums can.

It is packed with powerful natural ingredients that are all skin-loving and encourage overall healthy looking, moisturised skin such as argan oil, rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid. I purchased this from Amazon here.

silver serum

Once this has sank into my skin after cleansing, I apply Silver Serum from Skin Shop. It’s a dedicated spot fighting cream which contains Pure Anti-Microbial Silver to fight bacteria which causes spots – a more gentle alternative to any peroxides you get from store and pharmacy bought creams.

I read about this in the Daily Mail and the Metro, after reading it had huge success stories with fighting acne.

I have to admit that I have been using this morning and night for three months, and I have noticed that although it doesn’t stop me from getting new spots, the one’s that do come clear up within a day or two and never get to that large size anymore. I rely on this as part of my everyday skincare, with it’s only downside being it does run out fairly quickly. I order it from the Skin Shop for £12.95.

Last but not least, another product I have raved about on the blog before is the Mario Badescue Drying Lotion (full review can be seen here). This is my absolute saviour for when I do have a large spot that needs to shift asap! You know those really annoying ones that usually sit on the chin or cheek, and stand out a mile off?

You apply this pink sediment lotion with a q-tip, which contains chamomile, and let it work it’s magic overnight. If you suffer from pesky outbreaks, this is the final product you should be using directly on the spot before you sleep at night.

So there you go, my ultimate round-up of skincare products to help beat spot-prone skin. If you feel there are any key one’s I have missed, do leave a comment and let me know!

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