Beauty: Simple How-To For Summer Waves

I find that creating a simple, summer wave to my hair is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update my look, but you would be surprised how many people tell me they struggle to do the same. I get so many people asking me what method I take to create a soft, bouncy wave, so I wanted to put a small tutorial tip post up today to provide some of my advice on how to style your hair into an effortless, soft waved, Summer-beach look…

Firstly, everyone’s hair is different, and I am quite lucky that mine is fairly manageable and easy to style. However, it is regularly lightened and has been attacked by bleach over the years, so it is pretty dry and I have to be careful to avoid further breakage. First and foremost, make sure you use hair care products which are suited to your hair type and hair concerns. Identify your hair type and carefully select voluminous, moisturising, colour preserving or strengthening.


As I aim to use as little heat on my hair as possible, I don’t use straighteners to tame any frizz before I start to produce the waves. So for me, I always use John Frieda’s Frizz Ease products to ensure my hair stays smooth, silky and conditioned before styling. My hero products are the Smooth Start shampoo, Smooth Start conditioner, Dream Curls Enhancing Oil and a heat protection spray to shield hair from heat and lock in moisture (I’ve featured this brand and their genius haircare on a previous blog post here). I use a hairdryer with a smoothing nozzle, and a curling tongue which is a medium sized barrel. If you have thick, unruly hair, pick a curling wand which suits your hair type by having lots of temperature settings.

john frieda
curling wand


1. Towel dry hair and smooth with curl enhancing products, or a frizz taming cream, as the look we want to create is a natural, beach inspired silky wave. We want to elimate a much frizz and dryness as possible.

2. If you can, blow dry your hair with your head upside down to give it some much natural volume. If you have thick hair, use a barrel brush to add body and bounce.

3. With a smoothing brush, run the brush through the hair and find your idea parting. I usually position mine slightly to the side, but this is completely up to you and is a personal preference. Ensure all knots and niggly tangles are brushed out. I always use a tangle teaser brush once hair is damp (never use this on soaking wet hair as it could cause to added breakage).

4. Remember, we don’t want a polished, carefully curled look. We want natural, beach inspired smooth waves, so for this look I don’t section my hair or carefully clip parts aside. I take a large section from the front, hold it up, and wrap it around the curling wand barrel, securing the hair in place and holding it here for 10 seconds. I personally recommend Toni & Guy curling wand products, reasonable priced and do the job without any clever add on’s.

5. Release the hair and let it fall. Repeat this with large sections of hair all around your head. Just hold up large sections, wrap evenly around the wand, secure with the wand clasp, and hold for 10 seconds. Release. Simple!

6. Once you have worked your way around your whole head, take either your fingers or a wide tooth comb and quicky run through waves. For a more relaxed look, I use a brush. For a more defined wave, I use my fingers just to separate out some of the waves yet keep them in shape.

7. Spritz hair with a volumising hairspray. As the look is all about looking natural, the idea is to finish off with loose, volumised waves. So the lightest possible hairspray is the best to use – the heavy duty sticky ones will just dampen the look.

what emma did
what emma did
emma campbell
And voila! I apologise for the poor quality of these photos, but I wanted to take a couple before an evening night where I carried out this technique, and then one during the evening out where the waves had ‘loosened’ a little, and I only had an old phone camera to hand. I quite like the un-done look!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other specific wave related questions!

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