Beauty: Should You Consider Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatments?

We live in a society where if we don’t like something about our image, we have the option to change it. Advancements in science mean we know much more about our bodies than ever before and with that comes the power to enhance, fix and change them.

But why are we all constantly striving to change the way we look?

I thought I’d bring some experts from Nu You Aesthetics in to put some pointers together for this article. It’s a question I hear a lot of my readers and followers talk about, so it makes sense to round up some thoughts, professionally!

We’ve all seen examples of people who have gone perhaps a little too far with surgery. However, with the cosmetics industry now so full of possibilities, there’s more procedures and treatments available today than we could count and all the more popular are the non-surgical options.


Non-surgical and non-invasive treatments are centred around a natural approach designed to improve your body in the purest way possible, boosting your confidence and making you feel the way you have always wanted to.

Let’s take fat loss treatments for example – one size does not fit all and there is no single approach to losing inches and reducing body fat that works for everyone. Although a healthy diet and regular exercise should be the ultimate priority and plan A, for many this can only take you so far until you feel as if you are hitting a wall.

There’s now so many treatments on the market, that doing your research is vital. You may not have considered many of the non-surgical options – you may not have even heard of half of them! A number of attractive benefits come with these treatments; they’re generally less painful, involve little to no downtime and are much cheaper than surgery.

The idea behind many of these treatments is to accelerate and enhance natural fat loss processes within the body to create subtly contoured, healthy results.

Liposuction vs Lipofirm Pro

 When you think of fat loss surgery, liposuction is likely to be one of the treatments that spring to mind first. It’s a popular option for a quick fix, however it is expensive, takes around two weeks to completely recover and often, the results are quite dramatic and may leave you with excess skin. For someone looking for extreme results, liposuction could be the perfect option.

However, compare this to something such as Lipofirm Pro. It’s a natural and holistic treatment that uses a combination of radio frequencies, dynamic muscle activation and mechanical pressures to break fat and collagen down. Once broken, the liquid fat is absorbed into the muscles and the collagen is encouraged to grow back stronger and healthier, leaving you with a slimmer figure and a more youthful appearance.

It needs no recovery time and can be done on your lunch break. Some people are put off by the gradual nature of this process. It may take more than one treatment in order to experience the full potential, however it is so important that removing fat is done slowly in order to avoid loose skin and any complications.

The perfect candidate

For most treatments, particularly non-surgical and the more minor surgical options, the ideal candidate is someone who is already in good health and close to their ideal weight but struggling with stubborn fat and looking for subtle body contouring. Fat loss treatments should not be a quick fix or alternative to exercising and maintaining a good diet.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, a fat loss treatment could be the right path for you. Whether you opt for surgery or a non-surgical option will be down to your personal preference, however Nu You Aesthetics’ fat loss map can help you to make the right decision.




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