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Almost 5 years ago, I headed off to live in Sydney, Australia for a year, for an adventure over on the other side of the world. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was, and all the things I learnt/saw/discovered that is so different to the UK. But one in particular was living on Bondi Beach 5 years ago, and uncovering stand alone Jurlique stores!

I had heard of this brand before, but never knew how huge they really were over in Australia. The stores were absolutely stunning – tranquil, sweet smelling stores that take you into that natural state of mine.

The prettiest of bottles all lined up on the shelves and a beautiful ambience the minute you step inside.

For those not too familiar with Jurlique, it’s a beauty brand based on botanicals who have a lovely range of unique products. The brand has been going for over 30 years, created from their organic farm in the unspoiled Adelaide Hills, where each ingredient has been intimately considered and harvested in its most powerful state. Then, the ingredients are combined with Jurlique’s unique natural formulas.

It’s this process that gives them the mission statement of ‘Harnessing Nature’s power from seed to skin.’

Natural ingredients are only going to become more and more popular within the beauty world, so I felt like these new launches from Jurlique need to be shouted about!

Jurlique Limited Edition Sweet Peony and Tangerine Mist

I’ve been a huge fan of the Rosewater Mist from Jurlique for years, which has been reviewed on my blog here. But this new one is something else, and perfect for the festive period.

It’s infused with an all-new sweet botanical blend of fragrances of Sweet Peony and Tangerine. It’s said that these two key ingredients combined help improve skin’s moisture levels, as its uplifting scent refreshes the senses leaving you feeling vibrant, refreshed and brighter.

I’ve noticed that when spritzing this newest mist onto my face lightly, as well as providing a beautiful sweet scent, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated instantly. You know like a sudden boost of refreshment? A real dewy feel. Like it just boosts the skin immediately and gives it a glow.

I actually keep mine in my handbag, and I know this sounds so bizarre, but you know when you do a lot of driving (like I do!) and you’re always turning up the in car heating? My face always feels like it burns up, so then I turn down the heat, then turn it up again, and ARGH!

When I’ve finally pulled in, I lightly spritz my face with the mist once I’ve finished my journey and it takes the heat and the dryness right down straight away. Random I know, but I have to have it on me at all times now!

The mist costs £24, and would make a lovely gift for a lady in your life, whether it be friend, girlfriend, work colleague, Mum, Sister etc, who is into botanicals, yet loves pampering herself.

If you wanted to up it a little and give a bit of a gift set, then there are two others I’d highly recommend:

Signature Rose Duo RRP £27 (valued at £33)

This duo is made up of the instantly hydrating, rebalancing antioxidant mist I mentioned earlier in this post – the Rosewater Balancing Mist. The 50ml bottle sites aside the Rose Hand Cream, 40ml, which both work wonderfully together with the same soft rose scent.

 Rose Hand Cream 40mL
 Rosewater Balancing Mist 50ml

They come in the gorgeous rose gold, shiny box, which I can imagine most people would want to keep afterwards too!

And here’s another one which will be a favourite for many:

Jurlique Hand Care Collection RRP £25 (valued at £30):

Hand creams should be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, in my opinion! But so many of us forget to invest in them, and keep them ‘to hand’ (he he, dropping in the word hand!). Again, they aren’t really things you tend to buy yourself, which means they make brilliant presents.

This set contains x2 key hand care products to let you nourish them hands and keep them silky soft. The set contains an indulgent infusion of a revitalising Rose Hand Cream and a soothing Lavender Hand Cream.

 Rose Hand Cream 40mL
 Lavender Hand Cream 40mL

You can, of course, check out the other types of beauty gifts over on the Jurlique website, as they literally have so many amazing ones and I’m so tempted to just list them all! But it’s better for you guys to just have a scroll over there yourself (and get lost in just how damn pretty the website and the products look…)

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