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One of the nicest things about being a beauty blogger is that I get to discover brands I didn’t know were available if I wasn’t contacted about them, or was to come across them at beauty events or through the industry. The latest brand I have been uncovering over the past few weeks is a skincare range called SEQuaderma – which is a brand new product range focusing on active dermatology to help to relieve a number of common skin conditions.

Skin conditions can really effect a personals self esteem, and it is basically that type of worry that SEQuaderma have focused on to create their brand. I know I regularly discuss acne and redness on the blog, but there are so many other types of skin concerns which really get people down and make them feel ‘ugly’ or suffer with confidence issues. Along with acne and redness, anti aging is a huge one, followed by thinning, skin, eczema, scaly skin, dermatitis and temporary flushing. The aim of SEQuaderma is to tackle each individual skin concern and control it, offering a product to suit all the conditions listed about.

I find this brand very different to the regular skincare brands I use daily; they are a scientific brand, consist of gel formulas that contain nano-technology so tiny vesicles carry the product right in through the skin’s layers to address the heart of any skin problems, and they have such a varied help offering including Rosacea, Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis and ageing and thinning skin.

I suffer mainly from outbreaks and red marks from past bursts of spots, therefore my favourite product from this brand is the Acne Prone Skin gel. I have been using it in a totally different way from my other skincare products, in which I apply it all over the problem are twice a day, leave for 10 minutes, before wiping the skin with wet tissue to remove. It is then that I use my regular toner and moisturiser.

I started using this product eight weeks ago, and wanted to wait until two months in before reviewing honestly. The first brilliant thing about this gel is that after eight weeks of using everyday, I still have half the bottle left. I think that’s down to being careful with how much I apply and only spreading onto areas effected by breakouts. For me, this is always my jawline and lower cheeks.

It’s a dream to use – no irritation, no stickiness, no awkward application. I just pat this on, leave for 10 minutes and wipe away. The amount of spots I have been receiving have lowered around the areas I’m usually prone, which has been a relief as I constantly battle jaw breakouts. In the time I have been using this, I noticed a couple of new spots appeared but that has been down to over indulging in bad food (I’m severely prone to breakouts from food and diet) and they were also above my cheeks or odd forehead ones, which isn’t my usual problem.

The best thing this gel does is it stops oily skin and shine. Acne prone skin is usually oily, and after midday skin it can become really shiny around the T-Zone. I try to limit the amount of heavy foundation I wear throughout the day and use a CC cream instead, therefore I am prone to a little more shine. However, this gel has put a stop to this- my skin is much more matte, fresh and oil-free. I keep expecting to top up my face powder after lunch, but I find I don’t need to do this as much anymore.

Overall, I have seen positive results from this gel which means I am looking forward to continuing to use it. My second favourite is the gel for Aging and Thinning skin – which is quite ironic as I don’t really suffer this concern yet. But the gel is packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and plant phospholipids, which are super properties for skincare, so I use this to boost clarity, promote firmness and slowly slough away at hyper-pigmentation.

Up to now, I really do recommend trying out this range, particularly if you suffer from Acne, Redness, Rosacea, Eczema, Aging and Dermatitis. The gel products cost £19.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy and have some pretty good reviews already!

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