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Now that my holiday for Summer 2013 is all planned and flights paid for, I’ve been starting to look into hair and beauty treatments for the run up to Ibiza! If I book in for any treatments pre-holiday, it’s usually simple, everyday ones such as waxing. However, I was having a look recently at treatments sk:n clinic do, as they are a popular clinic carrying out lots of beauty procedures all over the UK!

Here is a round up of some treatments worth treating yourself to pre-holiday!

Laser Hair Removal
Currently, you can save up to 30% off on cheap laser hair removal treatment from sk:n clinic, including bikini and underarm, perfect for holidays! I have never considered laser hair removal before, however when your off to Ibiza with a group of friends and it’s all sunbathing in the day and partying in the heat at night, being fuzz-free at all times essential! It is considered the most highest quality, safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair- as well as being virtually painless. There’s a first for everything, and I’d really like to give this a go on my legs before a full week in the sun!


This treatment is a deeply effective facial for renewing a fresh, young-looking glow to skin. Often described as plastic surgery without the plastic, it uses microcrystals which exfoliate away unwated skin cells, removing the top layer of skin cells. It helps create the smoothest texture for your skin, and is brilliant for wrinkles and scarring. I would love to have this carried out a week or two before a holiday to ensure my skin is fully exfoliated and refreshed!

These are the two procedures I am planning to have this Summer, but the sk:n clinic also carries out a range of other treatments too which might be useful to you such as Rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle injections and milia removal, at competitive prices!

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