Beauty: Personal Beauty Hang Ups and Dealing With Them

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment, sharing photos of myself minus the makeup. Rewind to around 2 years ago, and I bet you would never see these sorts of photos of me appearing.

I guess I feel that putting a blog post together about ‘the things I hate about me’ is quite negative, but in all honesty, its just a bit of a real-life one. I spend so much time reviewing and sharing the products and brands I love, photos of me all done-up wearing my favourite makeup products and sharing beautifying treatments.

So what about stripping back, and sharing the things I don’t particularly love about myself? Just an honest account. Not about ‘self hate’ or anything. Because we all have hang ups…

First up: I dislike my hooded eye lids. I have what I like to call ‘sagging eyelids’ which bow down at the outer corners, meaning my eyelids are sometimes covered up. I’m a makeup artist, and when I carry out makeup on someone who has lovely large lids, I’m filled with envy.

Mine make it difficult to show off eyeshadow looks, and also, in my opinion, make my facial features appear to ‘droop down’ a little. Probably over exaggerating, and I bet no one even notices, but man, I was unlucky there!

How crazy is this though. I was googling makeup trips for girls with hooded eyelids, and I came across a product actually designed for girls like us. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t review it, but I found a beauty site called Contours RX who retails products to solve beauty problems, and they actually have a product called LIDS BY DESIGN – a non-surgical solution to lids that fold over.

I’ll touch on it a bit later, but I literally can’t believe there’s a product out there for this!

The next hang up I hide to myself a little is my skin texture and pigmentation. Those who see me regularly without makeup will possibly have noticed it: my cheeks are marked with a combination of red marks, scars and freckles from sun damage. It’s gotten worse over the years, as I’ve been careless in the past with sun protection, and I’m also one of those who is just a slow healer.

So when I get a breakout, the red marks just stay there, and never seem to fade. Well they do in time, but it means I’ve always got some form of reminder of breakouts on my cheeks because I do occasionally suffer from acne outbursts. Life can be fun, right!

Again, it’s probably one people don’t notice, so there’s no point getting hung up about it. Makeup hides it wonderfully, but I have to admit I always get a little awkward turning up to places bare faced. And here I am posting no makeup selfies. Ahem…

The third hang up is my under eye bags. These are partly down to my late nights and life glaring at a laptop, but also I’ve kind of always had a bit of a deep set ‘bag’ formed underneath my eyes.

They are pretty dark, but this is where concealer comes in so I don’t get too stressed by this. However, the creased line under my eyes tells another story – I always look like I need a damn good sleep. Maybe I just do!

I’m quite good at not letting my beauty hang ups get me down. Apart from my eyelids, they are pretty much easily hidden or ‘fixed’ so to speak. Contours RX also have this Colorset JumboPrimer Pencil on their site too, which I thought might be a good one for me down the line because it’s supposed to work well with the LIDS BY DESIGN product I mentioned earlier, which I’m so intrigued about.

It’s pretty much an all-in-one shadow primer and contouring pencil, made using Coco-glycerides rather than heavy mineral oils. You use it to prime eyelids to maximize shadow pigments and highlight the eyes, so it would probably life and brighten up my eyes, both underneath and help with the ‘lid’ situation…

This pencil also doubles as a highlighter around the eyes and other parts of the face, so I’d potentially benefit from using something like this to smother around the skin below my eyes, before blending my foundation in, giving me that highlight ‘glow’.

But lets talk about this medical grade instant eyelid correcting strip product! This looks bloomin’ amazing, and I’d be keen to hear if any of you eyes have ever used a product like this, or actually used this one itself?

You can choose from a range of medical grade strip which come in different sizes. The description says that they correct all those things that make me feel paranoid: Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid, droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes, and puffy eyelids making you look tired and aged.

The sizes come in a range of ‘lifts’, and this guide kind of helps me decide which one I think I would need. Perhaps 6mm… (3mm slight, 4mm subtle, 5mm casual, 6mm moderate, 7mm dramatic, 8mm maximum).

So there you have it, I have some beauty hang ups which I never talk about on social media. I regularly post ‘almost perfect’ photos, but behind every glam photos, there’s a multitude of dislikes and hang-ups we just don’t talk about.

Well here’s three of my biggies, and it feels good sharing them you know…

And let me know if any of you have any of the same beauty hang-ups as I, maybe we can tackle how we feel about some of them together!

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