Beauty: New Year Goals

Each year on, I regularly put together a blog post on my beauty, mind and wellbeing resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether I stick to them or not is an entirely different matter, but it’s nice in December to draw up some possible aims.

One of my main ones – surprisingly – is to spend more money and more time on cosmetics. Crazy, right? Well have a read on before you think I’ve lost the plot. I promise there’s a good reason behind each one, and they might give you some beauty goal inspirations too!

Go Premium

So this one may raise a few eyebrows, as I’m all about seeking the most affordable and effective make-up and beauty buys. However, I’ve recently dipped my toe into the more expensive, premium side of beauty, and now I’m intrigued. It was totally accidentally – I’m a beauty editor by day, and I started to receive lots of products from Caudalie, Eve Lom, Antipodes (I swear by their brightening products guys!) to sample. And you know what; I really did notice a quality difference.

The first items I’ll be treating myself too with my Christmas money is the Illamasqua Radiance Hydra Veil Primer, and the Nars Illuminator. Each one fairly pricey, but I know they’ll perform to top standard. I don’t know how my bank balance will cope with this resolution, but let’s just see…

Spend More Time on Beauty

Most people look for quick fixes and time saving routines, but I want to dedicate more time to my beauty regimes in 2017. More time for face masks, more times for gradual fake tanning, waxing, booking in those brow grooming sessions… you name it. Let 2017 be the pampering and preening year!

All Over Body Care

By this, I mean those pesky areas I forget, and quite frankly, neglect. For example, my feet. I have so much hard skin on them from wearing heels and walking on them all day, but I rarely spend any time exfoliating them. And then for toenails! Being careless by not removing nail polish can sometimes leave me with yellow, discoloured nails, and don’t even get me started on finding things like – sorry for being gross – fungal infections.

Obviously, prevention is always better than the cure. But, if you do have nail fungus, here’s some useful advice on removing a fungal toenail infection at home with some of the best-rated treatments, to get you started.

Have More Baths

I’m a shower girl through and through, mainly for convenience. Who has time for long, unwinding, relaxing baths? We all should do in all honesty. Especially on Friday nights – there should be nothing better than sliding into a warm bubble bath, sipping a glass on Prosecco and unwinding.

LUSH have some gorgeous bath time treats, so I’m going to try and indulge in an array of tempting bath time goodies so I can start planning in those end of week baths. Bliss!

Upgrade my scent

I have a few firm favourites when it comes to fragrance. I swear by the rather old classic Hot Couture by Givenchy, and I’m also enjoying using a special Jo Malone scent.

However, I recently received this gorgeous scent from Accessorize – a brand I don’t usually associate with fragrance. Their LoveLily parfum is just lovely, so fresh and girly, and also perfect for both day and night. I like a good strong solid scent, and I didn’t think this would have that on first look. It appeared to be much more on a fun spritz. However, I was wrong, and retailing at just £19, it’s a great treat-yourself item!

What are your beauty resolutions? Do feel free to share!


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