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As much of a beauty obsessive that I am, I have to admit there is an area of the beauty industry I haven’t really tried and tested, and that is Herbal beauty products. I have used products  over the years which feature natural elements such as Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, however I have never trialled products from a real herablist retailer, that are purely made from herbs and plants as remedies for skin and beauty.

I was contacted recently by Napiers the herablists, who made me aware of their brand and the herbal and plant remedies they make which aim to provide a natural alternative to beauty and skincare products. They originate from Edinburgh in 1860, where Napiers has grown over the last 150 plus years, to become one of the oldest natural healthcare and herbal medicine companies in Britain. Today, they sell  natural products all proudly  made in Britain for people all over the world, with the Napier’s dream to “provide an affordable choice of natural health care  for all people”.

Napiers natural ranges include:

  • Natural therapeutic skin care
  • Botanical beauty
  • Herbal medicines
  • Plant supplements
  • Digestifs and bitters
  • Teas and superfoods

They have a motto of  ‘TRIED • TESTED • TRUSTED’ – which made me quite excited to try and test myself to see what my thoughts on something I have never really tried before. So, the products I recieved were the Napiers Skin Soother Herbal Relief medicene and the Tea Tree and Goldenseal Balancing Cream from the same range. Just so you are aware, I always trial products for 2 weeks before review so that I have carried out sufficient time to test and see results. When going bare-faced (every girls nightmare!) I do suffer from redness and blotchiness from time to time.


The medicene is made of burdock root, sarsaparilla, red clover and Queens delight and aims to soothe and calm irritated and sensitive skin. After two weeks of taking this medicene 3 times a day, my skin has stayed quite calm and I haven’t had any new breakouts. Any previous red marks or old spots didn’t dissappear, however my skin in general remained calm with no recent outbreaks. I would like to continue using this product to see if it will carry on calming my skin and keeping new spots away!


So after 2 weeks of using the Tea Tree and Goldenseal Balancing Cream, I am actually loving this product. I do have oily skin, however I have spent years using products which dry the skin out to compensate the oilyness, which hasn’t always been great for me as skin tests have shown my skin is severely dehydrated because of this. This balancing cream aims to balance the skins pH level, optimising the skin by keeping it calm, smooth and healthy without drying. It contains Bilberry leaf as an astringent toner, where the tea tree helps to keep blemishes at bay and assist with keeping skin youthful. The scent is lovely – it has a hint of tea tree but not too over-powering, and has quite a thick texture meaning that a little of this cream goes a long way.


Overall it has calmed redness and gave my skin a soft, smooth feel. It has a constant ‘clean’ and supple feel everyday since using this. Again, it has not encouraged any new breakouts but I would like to use this a little longer before I comment on whether it successfully keeps spots and belmishes at bay.

It sounds strange but I feel really ‘nice’ using these natural products. I feel like my skin is restoring itself by being free from chemicals, and it is being looked after. The overall calmness for my skin really reflects this. I will definitley be continuing to use these products and I am very interested in other areas of Napiers, such as their Detox and Diet products!

If you suffer from any skin problems, maybe this is a route you could look at taking? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts! For a more indepth insight to the brand and the natural paths they take, have a look at the website here

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