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kiko bronzer
kiko essential bronzer
So I have a new obsession, and it’s with KIKO makeup. I naturally have very pale skin, therefore I like to go a slight shade darker with my foundation just to add that touch of colour, without looking overdone. But we all know what problem this can lead to – yep, the orange face and white neck scenario. Not cool.

One thing I haven’t really been treating myself to often enough is a good quality bronzer. I have a great selection of blushers and contouring bronzers, but you know when you just want to dip a Kabuki brush into a huge pot of warming, glowing bronzer and lightly dust over your face and neck? Well yes, that’s the ‘product’ I’ve been missing.

However, as I have been continuing to try and shop good quality fashion and beauty products for 2016 yet on a budget, I set out treat myself via money saving website Couponrando. Basically, this voucher code and discount sharing site gives you a whole list of up-to-date offers, promotions and discount codes, so I’ve been using it a lot for searching for my new January purchased. So when in desperate need for a bronzer I can call ‘the next big thing’, I did my research and decided to give the KIKO Essential Bronzer a go, and searched for it here using the Couponrando offers.

kiko essential bronzer

kiko essential bronzer
Two things. Sorry three things (there are way to many ‘things’ I love about this bronzer!). The first is that it smells of milk chocolate. A light, sugary scent that makes my mouth water and think of treats every time I take off the lid. Actually – not sure that is such a good thing now. Secondly, the packaging is amazing, so premium and special looking. The bronzer is basically enclosed in a twist to open wooden case, etched with branding and a little mirror inside. It really adds to the luxe feel of the product, and protects against any smashing, breaking, or crumbling of the product when transporting it around. The way it looks makes me feel this would be a great gift for any beauty loving friends you may have – as there is no way this gift would not appreciated!

The third point is the most important: this bronzer is the bomb. No seriously, it really is. It’s matte enough to soak up any shine and add a touch of subtle colour to shape, warm and enhance the face. However, it was the smallest of elements which add a fresh glow and slight sheen to the face, making me look much more awake when I apply it. It basically warms and awakens my complexion, giving a naturally sun-kissed and healthy colour.

It should usually cost £17.90, which is totally worth it as this product will last a lifetime. But do shop first via Couponrando to try and get some KIKO savings!

I’ve been applying my super savvy saving skills with my clothes shopping too, and treated myself recently to some lovely underwear sets using the Debenhams voucher code I found here too.

Do you have any crafty little saving tips you wish to share? Do let me know!

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