Beauty: Lee Stafford Ice White Shampoo Review

For years I always opted for a warm, caramel toned shade of blonde. I stayed away from the brighter, cleaner, whiter shades of blonde, in fear they would end up going brassy and yellow-y on my hair.

However, over the past few months I’ve become a bit braver, and have been turning to whiter, ashier shades of blonde highlighted through my hair, and have also turned to the saviour that is purple shampoos!

Also known as silver shampoos (as they enhance any silvery tones and clean them up, brightening them for that sharper, fresh blonde look), these are becoming more of a staple, must-have product for blondes, in the form of shampoos and conditioners.

I’ve tried a couple of salon brands before, such as Redken and Fudge,  which as much as they do the job, they come with hefty price tags too. So when I heard about the new arrival of the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Ice White Shampoo, I was eager to give this one a review!

So here we go blondes: lets give this sassy new purple shampoo a go!

Just like other blonde shampoos, it has that trusty deep purple, blue toned colour, which can always look a bit scary at first. But honestly it’s fine – it’s always going to wash right out and leave no residue. And from my experience, it doesn’t stain white bathrooms – but maybe just don’t have one of those shower curtains that isn’t a wipe down one (most of them are, but the thicker, more quality material ones can sometimes have a lining).

Their are no rules with this one – just leave on for as long as you like! You can just lather up and rinse right away, or leave it massaged in for up to 15 minutes for a real ice white finish.

It’s formulated with true blue pigments, making this indigo toning Shampoo help to really knock out brassy tones, leaving an icy cool, arctic tone.


One thing I have learnt from my journey so far with purple shampoos is to alternative them every other wash (or even every second/3rd wash) with another blonde caring shampoo. Otherwise, you can risk ‘over-toning’, and creating a build up of the blue/indigo pigments. I tend to use mine once a week to keep it fresh and bright, but I know those with ashier blondes than mine benefit from around twice a week.

Guess it all depends on how often you wash your hair!

So was I impressed? I was for sure. It literally works just as good as all those flashy price tagged salon brands, and is a true pleasure to use. I noticed a cleaner, whiter finish from the first use – and that’s when you know it’s good (and I leave it on only for one minute).

If you’re a blondie and want toned blonde hair, a refreshed and restored shade with enhanced silver tones, then I’d seriously look at this one, for just £6.99. It contains UV protection and even has that yummy Lee Stafford iconic pink fragrance.

I love it that much I vlogged about it below along with my other cult products of the moment – take a watch!

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