Beauty: Is Cacay Oil the next best thing?

I’ve spent the last few months raving on about coconut oils, hyluaronic acid serums and Vitamin C potions, but I now have another favourite beauty buzzword to share with you. This time, it’s in the form of Cacay oil.

Before being told about this natural product, I hadn’t actually come across it during my usual beauty musings and trawls online.

But once I had been informed about this hero product, I did a little research and ta-da- I noticed it’s actually been discussed pretty much everywhere. In particularly across all the social media channels I’m usually addicted to, like Instagram, Twitter and beauty blogs. Wake up Emma and get with the times.

cacay natural oil

So what’s the big fuss about this Cacay Natural Oil? I decided to start using this around two weeks ago, giving it a go on my drier-than-usual skin.

I also had a pretty big breakout during the middle of March, so I was quite happy to try out a new natural product which I noticed was recommended to help clear up problem skin.

So here we go, after two weeks of trying out this product, I’ve put together some pointers regarding it’s super beneficial uses ( oh and the ‘Cacay’ is actually an Amazonian nut, incase you wondered what it means…)

cacay oil


  • It contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Oil than argan oil, which is brilliant for moisturising. It is also packed with a high number of antioxidants which work to keep body cells, collagen and elastin in the best condition. These factors help to result in younger and healthier looking skin
  • It comes in a lovely little glass pot, in which the oil is fast adsorbing once dropped onto fingers and massaged into the face. Although it’s an oil, there is no greasy residue left over, and it actually leaves an instant healthy glow upon application. Great for leaving me looking a little more radiant in the morning!

cacay oil


  • A great one for me – this product incorporates three times more retinol than rosehip oil, which is amazing for helping reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, plus even out your skin tone. Retinol is also great for keeping acne under control, and I used to use a lot of Rosehip oil to help fade away old red scar marks.
  • For occasional hormonal spots and breakout control, Cacay Oil aims to calm the skin with it’s combination of omega 6 fatty acids, helping to prevent further breakouts.
  • And finally… it’s a super-concentrated oil, which means you only need a tiny bit at a time, so one very reasonably-priced bottle lasts forever. Just apply one or two drops to your face, allow to soak in, then apply your regular moisturiser.

So far, it’s really working well to hydrate the horrendous dry patches I have recently been suffering from (possibly because I always have my heating on, drying out my skin, but hey I am always cold). I’ve also noticed my breakouts have been much less regular, and the red marks have been fading fast.

I did read somewhere online at a natural beauty product review site that this oil has worked wonders for someone suffering from thinning hair and loss, simply by rubbing a tiny bit onto the scalp. This, along with Finasteride tablets, are what I’ve been hearing people give positive feedback when it comes to encouraging hair growth.

The lady in question noticed the improvement after just four weeks – but don’t quote me on that, it’s just something I read!

You can purchase the oil over at Amazon, which retails at around £32. Perhaps the next best thing since argan oil and coconut oil?…

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