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Around 6 weeks ago, I got introduced to Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen Supplements. Obviously as a beauty blogger and journalist, I’m super into my beauty products and discovering new initiatives – so much so its close to an addiction (oops – but I guess there’s worse ones I could have!). And, if you can ‘do’ your addiction as a job, it’s pretty handy!

When it comes to me trying out new products, I get excited about the ones you use internally too and not just topically. I’m pretty clued up about the body, and how what you consume can massively reflect how healthy you look. I guess I’ve just always taken a huge interest in how to be your best self.

Although, other than Skin, Hair and Nail vitamins or Liquid Health shots, I haven’t really been too impressed with anything I’ve relied on as an internal supplement so far. However… this has now changed. Yep, read on to hear about why I’m so happy I discovered Ingenious Beauty!

Introducing Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ – developed by award-winning pharmacist Pupinder Ghatora, MPharm MRPharmS SCS, and biochemist David Hyland, MSc MBA. Together, they believe in creating the best holistic approach for skin hair and nails which work in harmony with the body.

I’m no stranger to the ingredients world, so when I heard that Ingenious Beauty have created anti-ageing supplements which are packed with natural Marine Collagen, natural Astaxanthin (a carotenoid to prevent and repair UV damage) and natural Hyaluronic Acid, I knew they were onto something.

Everyone is going crazy over Hyaluronic Acid these days because it’s so effective at improving the skins moisture, hydration and volume (in other words, plumped, glowy skin). And everyone knows collagen is the key to building the skins structure and providing firmness, strength and elasticity.

Over the past 12 months, especially since turning 30, I keep an eye out for both Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen in my topical skincare products, especially my night creams and moisturisers. So much so I scan the ingredients list to see how much of the natural form I’m getting in my products.

But of course – taking these ingredients internally is only going to be a positive, right?

Scientific studies have proven that Ultimate Collagen+, with its triple actives and unprecedented absorption levels, achieves dramatically superior results. Other collagen liquids, tablets, caplets and capsules are either broken down in the stomach or pass through the body, reducing levels of effective absorption. Ingenious Beauty’s scientifically advanced enteric approach is proven to achieve a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by up to 26% within just 10-20 days.

In other words, these capsules work much faster than any topical product. Take one to three Ultimate Collagen+ capsules before bed (I’ve been taking 3) and you’ll start to experience the following:

  • Smoother and firmer skin
  • Stronger nails
  • Thicker hair
  • Improvement in your body’s overall vitality

I’ve been using them now for 6 weeks, and I’ll say it took me around the end of the second week (start of the third) to notice an improvement across each: skin, hair and nails. Now I know people really want to hear miracle stories or magic solutions when it comes to things like these, so I’ll give an honest account below about exactly what I’ve found after 6 weeks taking 3 capsules a day…

6 Weeks Results

It took around the beginning of the third week to notice that my skin was looking much better without makeup, and although that doesn’t sound like a technical description, that’s the best way I can describe it. I just noticed in the morning after washing my face (with warm water – I try to leave my cleanser just for the evenings) that it somehow looked clearer, a little brighter, and dare I say it, a little less tired and lined?

With these things you have to make sure their not just in your head, as obviously you’re more aware of it all, so I made a point to keep analysing my skin each morning. As I approached week 4 and 5, I realised that yes – my skin was indeed clearer, and had that firmness to it and overall looked less tired. My lines around my eyes (I have such defined crows feet which is the bain of my life) seemed softened, giving me an overall healthier look.

The photos below are taken at the start of week 6 – wearing no makeup before going on a boat trip around Thailand.

I’d even go as far as to say my pigmentation didn’t come out as quickly on holiday as it usually does, as I get sooooo many brown patches and freckles which instantly activate the minute my face see’s the sunshine. I’d probably need to give this little experiment a few more tries before I can hand on heart say my pigmentation has eased up, but so far, I’m very positive!

As for the others areas, hair and nails, I’ve a few points to report here too. My nails strengthened up pretty quickly, but I wasn’t too surprised here because they tend to react well to an increase in goodness. I noticed stronger, faster growing nails after around 10 days, and they are only getting more stronger and healthier looking, with less breakage. Great news for me!

I’m yet to see an improvement in my hair, but I have ridiculously fine hair and I tend to experience a lot of hair fall, so I feel this is the one area that may be tougher to tackle.

I have noticed less hair randomly falling all over my clothes, so I’ll continue taking the supplements and hopefully I’ll be able to report back on the hair findings as the weeks go on.

Wearing Makeup

The photo below is a dark, first-thing-in-the-morning photo on my morning commute after applying light makeup to my skin. There’s no filter, no editing, just a dimly lit car and a slightly grainey iPhone. However, There’s a glow to my skin that wasn’t always there, especially as I’m not wearing any highlighter.

My under-eye bags and lines are always the first thing I notice about my face when I take a selfie, so I was pretty impressed when I didn’t notice them looking as harsh on this photo. I have noticed my skin feels super soft when I touch it, so I really feel I’m onto something here with my journey to healthier, smoother, younger looking skin!

I’m going to continue taking the supplements, and maybe after 3 months I may decrease to taking just 2 per evening. I’m really hoping to see an improvement with my hair too, because if I do, then I’ll literally be jumping up with joy: these will actually be my beauty miracle!

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ are available here at £54.98 for a tub, but you can get a gift pack of 3 (which is what I have) for £119.99.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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