Beauty: Here’s What To Expect From a MAC Makeover

One thing I don’t do often enough is to get my makeup done professionally. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m always so time pressed (which is ridiculous, because that’s where getting my face done would actually come in handy), or if it’s because I do bridal makeup, and I just feel like I should always do my own evening makeup.

Whatever the reason, booking in to get your makeup done by a pro makeup artist is becoming more and more popular, and you know what – no wonder. There are so many super talented artists out there that can literally transform your face with the right products and the correct techniques.

Last night, I was heading to a charity ball in Manchester as one of the guests of honours. I was there as an influencer for the night, but also representing my little dress boutique too, as I donated a £150 voucher to the charity raffle. If I’m a ‘guest of honour’ so to speak… then my face has got to look the part!

I booked in at the MAC concession in Selfridges, Exchange Square in Manchester, and opted for an hour makeover with one of their top artists. Sadaf was my assigned makeup artist, and she set out to create a makeup look I was going to love, but also, one that was going to stay put and literally not budge.

She even promised it would all still be in tact the next morning, but I’m pleased to tell you all I was a very good girl and cleansed, toned and moisturised my face when I got in (even after a fair few G&T’s). So I’m sorry Sadaf, I can’t put your magical overnight staying put powers to the test. But I can swear that my makeup never budged, melted, sweated or slided off from the 7pm – 1am time period I did have my full face on. It was perfection, all night long.

Sadaf talked me through all the products she was going to use, the look she was going to create, and the techniques she was going to use. I got to play with the fantastic new eyeshadow palettes from MAC (they are so so amazing, and have the most fab names, from ‘Basic Bitch’ to ‘Fashion Fanatic’), but we both settled on the Mischief Minx palette.

It was full of warm brown and earth hues, ideal for making my blue eyes pop. She also advised the MAC strobe cream as a base – a stunning, shimmery, glowing lotion which literally lit my skin from within before stippling on the Studio Fix foundation.

I’ve been using MAC’s eyebrow pencil in shade lingering for as long as I can remember, but Sadaf shown me a few other brow products I could try out too. I never thought I’d be swayed to switch up my trusty brow product, but wow, she shown me how she shaped, coloured and fluffed up my brows using the Brow Set and the Brow Sculpt. And you know what? I think I’ve swayed. My brows looked fabulous – a lot more ‘raw’ and natural than the brow look I create everyday. So much more shaped and less dramatic.

My look was finished off with a subtle flirty false lash, and lots of layers of warm brown eyeshadows lined beneath my eyes from the Mischief Minx palette. My contour was created via a Skinfinish powder, which looked incredible, but what I really want to shout about is the highlighter.

We both chose a glowing gold shade, seeing as my look was a real deep and warm bronzed look. It was absolutely beautiful. So metallic yet subtle at the same time, leaving a stunning sheen to the tops of my cheeks and down the centre of my face.

Throughout my makeover, Sadaf used products from the Prep Prime Fix + range, which can be found here. I know she used this sassy little bottle of Prep + Prime Fix + Shimmer in shade Pinklite to give my skin that extra glow, and it really did create that radiance that makeup alone can’t always promise (without piling on the highlighter really heavy).

MAC – you outdid yourself. I was extremely happy, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I received about my #MACFridayFix face! The team at the MAC concession at Selfridges Exchange Square were also an absolute dream (they even charged my phone for me because I was stressing about my battery – standard Emma).

A fantastic experience, and I shall be back without a shadow of a doubt…

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