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As much as I am very big into my beauty treatments, eyebrow treatments aren’t a thing I have experimented with before. Facials, tanning, nails, lashes… I’m a pretty big worshipper of them all, but I guess I always thought my brows were manageable enough for me to take care of myself. However, after learning a lot recently about Treatwell – formally known as Wahanda – I decided to book a brow treatment using the beauty site, treating myself to something different.

For me, when it comes to booking beauty treatments, Treatwell takes the hassle away. It is one of the most simple search type websites I have used, with the added benefit that it works by focusing on all hair, skin, nail, lash, and body salons and spa’s around the UK. If I want to book in for a spray tan close to my work office, I’ll type in the specific postcode/area and see who offers the treatment within the closest vicinity. On this occasion, I wanted to book in for a HD Brow effect treatment in Manchester, but with a budget of £25. Treatwell managed to search all the options, finally bringing me to book in at Urban Oasis Spa inside Debenhams, close to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. So… what did I think of my first brow experience? Here’s the ‘before’ shots…

As you can see, my ‘before’ eyebrows aren’t too horrendous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love them, but hate is a strong word and they aren’t that bad. They have a prominent shape and are naturally dark, which is strange for a girl who is naturally dark blonde! However, I had a lot of hairs growing underneath which I was getting sick of plucking, and I just found the shape to be getting a little unruly. I also noticed lots of little hairs towards the start of the brow that were light and whispy, not really ‘contributing’ to the brows of any kind.

The treatment I booked in for was the Hi Brow Hi Impact HD Brow effect, for £25. It is a complete salon eyebrow service combining expert techniques of tinting, threading, waxing, shaping and styling to create a perfect brow. I’m more than aware of how much eyebrows are the ‘face framer’ feature, so I was looking forward to the therapist working her magic and neatening them up.

The treatment takes around 45 minutes, but I had the threading side of the treatment missed out because I didn’t really have any ‘spare hairs’ above the brow line. So I was possibly in the treatment chair for just over half an hour. I underwent a process of waxing, tinting and shaping, starting with the wax which I have never had done before. My hairs were then trimmed (mine are so long), tinted and shaped, resulting in smooth, shaped and neat looking brows.

HD brow effect
HD Brow effect
The photos above show the finished result, but it’s worth popping in here that the inner corners of my brows are slightly penciled in here because that is where I kind of have a little gap. Grooming my brows in the morning now takes so much less time-  literally just have to brush them into shape and just add a touch of pencil to the top inner corner for that more squared off, fuller look.

Have you ever experienced a HD Brow type treatment? If so, what were your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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