Beauty: Experiencing Laser Hair Removal at Laser Chic

Welcome to the very beginning of my blog post series, all about trying out hair removal via laser therapy. I’ve been having a number of sessions, and felt it was worth documenting in a blog post to help share some thoughts.

I’ve heard so much about laser hair removal over the years, whether it be positive comments about the procedure for legs, arms, bikini or face, yet never really considered it for myself. It’s fast become all the rage as of late – with it fast becoming quite normal to come across ladies who regularly have laser hair removal, and make it a necessity treatment. Here, we used this page at Guiding Beauty as a resource to write this article

I’d love to say that as a fair haired girl I’m not that hairy, and although to look at from a glance you’d hardly see much, if you look quite close up, you’ll see I am prone to a slight obvious hair line on my upper lip. With wearing make-up everyday and having light hair, I can luckily get away with it being noticeable.

However, I also do something quite naughty. I have a little hair trimmer that I use to get rid of pesky eyebrow hairs, and I sometimes use this to whizz away any upper lip hairs that start to show through. I know that’s terrible, after all, it only makes the hair grow through faster and thicker.

laser chic

Anyway, it was time to finally do something about it. I recently came across Laser Chic Clinic a few months back, and got speaking with the lovely Setareh Rad, who is owner of the Didsbury based clinic. For those who aren’t too familiar with Didsbury, it’s a really lovely area of South Manchester, not too far from the city centre.

After having a few discussions over email about how laser hair removal might work for me, I came into the clinic to find out more, meet Setareh, and learn about the procedure I was interested in. So here we go: here’s some first findings now that I’ve had two sessions up to now…

laser chic

My Initial Thoughts:

That it would be a painful procedure, ridiculously expensive, it would have a long ‘down-time’, and I should steer clear from having it done on my face. Not too sure why I thought I should avoid my face… guess just lack of general research!

My Desired Treatment:

Upper lip laser hair removal at Laser Chic

laser chic

How To Prepare:

Think about what would really benefit you. Most people think that a life of hardly having to keep shaving the hair on their legs would be bliss, but to be honest, that task doesn’t bother me personally. But putting on a full face of foundation and inspecting my face close up and seeing a small line of upper lip hair coming through? Yes, that gets me down a little.

Life without that worry would be so much nicer for me, therefore it’s important to think about what affects you on a daily basis. Once I knew my area of concern, the next bit is the consultation…

The Consultation:

Laser Chic are really helpful in the fact that they offer a free consultation, which is really beneficial before undergoing the treatment as you get to discuss your concern, the treatment, the sessions, the aftercare and iron out any worries. For the consultation, I was asked to shave the hair so that the hair doesn’t sit too far past the surface of the skin.


My therapist explained that in terms of having the laser treatment, a pulse of light is released which kind of ‘shoots’ at the skin, targeting many follicles at the same time. The laser them moves to the neighbouring area of skin and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated.

The light energy from the laser heats the pigment in the hair follicle, and destroys it. I was told that it would probably take around a session of 6 visits to completely be hair free on my upper lip, as the more sessions you have, the more follicles are killed off. My main concern was the question on everyone’s lips: just how much does it hurt? All was revealed at the patch test…

The Patch Test:

During my consultation, I had a patch test carried out, in which I popped on a pair of goggles and lay back in the chair. The device was waved over my face, where the laser beeped and flashed a little, and all of a sudden a short sharp heat sensation was felt, and then was quickly over. Honestly – it really doesn’t hurt anything like I thought it would. It’s a hot, burning feeling, but it lasts for a split second so by the time I even registered the feeling, it had gone.

This was repeated another time, as just to test how my skin would react. It was a little bit pink, but no redness, itching, bumps or soreness like they say it can cause. I was informed it may go up a slight notch in the pain stakes for my ‘real’ appointment, in which I booked in for my first one a week later.

I can happily say I have completed two sessions up to now, with my third one booked in for tomorrow. After my first session, I noticed that whilst I usually have to remove the hair on my upper lip once a week to keep it fuzz-free, I extended the usual removal time from a tween to two and a half weeks. After that point, I booked back in for my second session, which was roughly a month ago. The rate at which my upper lip hair is re-growing is significantly slower, with much less coming through. I’m pretty amazed already – I didn’t expect this to happen so quickly!


I was advised by the lovely ladies at Laser Chic to user Janssen products on my skin after the session, to moisturise and soothe where the skin has had the laser treatment. Luckily, I’ve reacted really well to the laser treatment, and the worst my skin gets is a little pink for fifteen minutes post laser, which quickly fades.

As I get rather excited for my third treatment, I’ll leave you with some information I’ve learnt from my sessions at Laser Chic:

– After each visit, approx 20% of my hair follicles in my chosen area are killed off
– The laser kills the hair at the root, so that the growth is properly affected
– Laser hair removal can be used effectively on any skin colour

Laser Chic is a lovely clean and modern clinic, with professional staff who are really passionate about what they do. As well as laser hair removal, they also look after Red Vein Removal, Pigment Removal, and Skin Tightening, which is said to have fantastic results on ageing skin.

I’m actually really enjoying the procedure up to now, so I’ll be posting my second update after my next couple of sessions. I have a good feeling I’ll be pretty much hair free!

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