Beauty: How To Eat Your Way To Healthier Skin

As I regularly feature on my blog- I try to keep up a dedicated beauty routine. But recently I’ve been thinking more about the way the food I eat affects my skin. It makes sense that what you put into your body will show on the outside and I like to try to eat reasonably healthily, so here’s some of my advice I have put together in a little round-up post about the simple steps to take:

Drink Water

So first things first, it’s not eating but you need to drink water! Try and drink a glass with every meal if you don’t drink water that much. Some of us just don’t like to drink it, but it is important! Even celebrities have sworn that drinking water helps to improve their skin. You don’t need to drink a lot of water in one go. It’s not good for you to have too much of anything- just make a conscious effort to drink more. You want to drink even larger amounts of water in summer, and if you become dehydrated, it will make your skin look tired and old!

Eat More Salads

Salads don’t have to be boring! I think people turn their nose up at the thought of a salad because they just think of lettuce. You can get creative with your salad choices. I’ve found some of the salads on the White Tower restaurant menu inspiring! Look at your favorite restaurant’s menu and see if you can get any ideas.


 Be careful with your dressings when you make a salad. If you put too much of a dressing on, it won’t be that healthy. Though don’t be afraid to add a drizzle of something for an extra bit of flavor. The more veg you eat, the better your skin and health will be. We all know we’re supposed to have out 5-a-day, but it can be difficult sometimes.

 Eat More Nuts And Seeds

 Nuts and seeds are full of Vitamin E. Vitamin E, is an antioxidant that helps to keep your skin looking radiant. I’d add a handful of nuts and seeds to my breakfast or even on top of a salad. Roasts nuts and seeds can make a nutritious snack if you get peckish throughout the day. It’s worth mentioning that nuts and seeds are full of healthy monounsaturated fats too. This kind of fat can be good for you. Even though it’s the right kind of fat, it’s still a lot of calories. So if you’re trying to keep the weight off, don’t over do it!


Avoid Fad Diets

My final advice for eating your way to better skin is to avoid fad diets. There’s nothing wrong with being on a healthy eating plan. It can be a great way to make positive lifestyle changes. But if you yo-yo diet a lot, you could be making your health and your skin worse. The best thing to do is to introduce healthy food into your life and make a permanent change. If you don’t keep it up, you won’t see results. I’m not saying don’t treat yourself from time-to-time. But I promise, the better you eat, the better your skin will feel!

Just three little pointers there I hope you enjoyed…


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