Beauty: Tan on Demand Two Hour Tanning Mousse Review

I know I’m always discussing it on here about how busy I am, and it must be getting quite boring, but I did have a mini freak out the other day when I realised I hadn’t even had time to pluck my eyebrows for what feels like way too long. I spotted the error this morning in the mirror- I was carefully applying my mascara and when I suddenly thought “hang on – these eyebrows seriously need 15 minutes of grooming!”. So I’ve finally committed the crime: I’ve started getting too busy for beauty regimes!

two hour tan

This is unheard of for me. I sacrifice sleep, exercising and even cooking properly from time to time, but never beauty regimes. So it looks like from now on I need beauty products designed for super busy girls… ‘girls on the go’ so to speak. That’s probably why my eyes lit up when I was introduced to Tan on Demand 2 Hour Tanning Mousse

2 hour tan
Since I returned from Australia last August, I’ve been laying off the tan and from using sunbeds to purely get my skin back to it’s usual colour. Yes – that’s a rather pasty shade of white. I didn’t need to ‘tan up’ when I lived over there, so applying tan has slipped it’s priority number when it comes to by beauty schedule.

2 hour tan

However, we are creeping into British Summer, and it’s time to start revealing legs and arms that have been covered up for so long. Two Hour Tanning Mousse is a mousse formula tan which aims to give a natural looking tan in minutes. It has a salon inspired formula which gives an instant colour whilst developing over 8 hours,  but can be washed off after a period of time too to create different shades of colour. This is the guide I stick to:

2 hours: Light
3 hours: Medium
4 hours: Dark



2 hour tan
pale legs
I’m not painfully, see-through white like some pale skin tones can be, but I am very fair and I really look and feel a whole lot better with a deep, developed colour.

What I love about this product is that even though I can use it in a rush, it still leaves my skin streak-free, which is mostly unheard of with tans that can be applied quickly. The colour guide technology ensures an easy streak free application every time, meaning that bed sheets don’t get stained if you decide to apply it in the evening and wash it off the next morning.

When I have been applying this tan, I have been exfoliating and moisturising my body first, and then applying with a tanning mitt and letting it settle in for around two hours, before washing it off lightly. It’s a good idea to wait around 60 seconds before putting any clothing on after rubbing in the tan.

The photo’s below give you an idea of how the Two Hour Tanning Mousse develops.

tanning mousse

The result? A healthy, glowing bronzed tint – very natural and no signs of orange tints or streaking. The 2 Hour Tanning Mousse costs £16.00 for a 200ml bottle from Diamonds on Demand, and so far it seems to be lasting me forever!

It’s a great product for busy girls which I highly recommend for those of you in a rush for the majority of the time, yet want a tan that lasts 5-7 days. It also contains no parabens or alcohol, which I always look out for with tanning products.

A highly recommended tan!

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