Beauty: How To De-Stress #RelaxMondays

Happy Monday all! I wanted to bring you a blog post today all about how to de-stress and chill out, especially on the world’s worst day of the week – Monday. Do you get those Sunday night blues because you know Monday is drawing close? Do you find yourself stressing out half way through Monday due to the amount of work you have to juggle? Or do you just simply have a hectic work/life balance and Monday seems that little more painful?

Utopia Group informed me about #RelaxMondays – finding ways to inspire relaxation and to give yourself the chilled out, stress-free Monday that you deserve. So I wanted to put together a list of tips that I find really help me to de-stress, especially on those dreaded Mondays.

1. When you get home from work on a Monday, or have put the kids to bed, finished your daily duties, whatever it is that takes up your daytime routine, try and run yourself a hot bath to indulge in some ‘me’ time. Never save anything for ‘an occasion’ – use your best bath oils and salts, slather on your most pampering facemask, light your favourite candle, let your hair soak up the best nourishing hair conditioner, put on a chill out sound track, and just relax. Try to spend anything from 20-45 minutes just in your own company, treating your body and looking after yourself. Nothing helps to unwind more than a relaxing bath. I’ve recently been trying to do this with a lovely selection of products from Champneys, Baylis & Harding and The Sanctuary.

2. Invest in some little extra’s for your bathroom to help you unwind. Something as little as a toweling bath pillow can do wonders! I have been using my Champneys version in my bath tub, and it makes me so much more comfortable, which encourages me to stay relaxing in the bath for longer. Turn your bathroom into your own little boudoir – kit it out with all your favourite bubbles and skin treats, but also make sure it’s decorated with nice little storage baskets, fluffy towels, and a snuggle, cosy bath robe for the ultimate relaxation experience.

3. Sometimes, just knowing you are looking after yourself and your body gives you a happier mind, which allows you to feel less stressed and worried. Why not dedicate Monday evenings to ‘Healthy Dinner Mondays’? Try to ensure that on a Monday evening, your main meal will contain superfoods to kickstart your week with the best health benefits possible. If your stuck for inspiration, I have put together a fab meal idea for you:

Sweet Potato filled with Avocado, Spinach, Peppers and Tomatoes, with a side of Kale Crisps.
So simple and so good for you! Bake a large sweet potato in the over for approx 40 minutes. Whilst the potato is baking, prepare a nice leafy salad of spinach leaves, chopped avocado, cheery tomatoes and peppers. I always fry my peppers and tomatoes in coconut oil for 5-10 minutes as I look forward to hot food more.

To avoid a carbohydrate side- such as crusty bread or wedges- why not add homemade kale crisps? Just put together a bowl of kale leaves, and wash thoroughly. Grease a baking tray or use baking paper, fill the baking tray with the kale, and then melt a tablespoon (or two) of coconut oil which is to be drizzled over the kale leaves, along with a sprinkling of salt and garlic. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, on 180-200 degrees. Voila – healthy kale crisps! Fill the sweet potato with the avocado salad, and you have a superfood dinner that didn’t cost the Earth, or take much time…

Kale crisps
4. Take an hour out to paint your nails and read. When I say read, this can be anything from a fiction novel, an autobiography, or simply just your favourite magazine. I tend to read Elle, Stylist or an industry magazine such as Retail News on a Monday night, whilst removing any stubborn nail polish from my weekend and giving my nails a file and polish. My favourite shades are either bold red, or a nude/grey/lilac shade. Having newly painted nails and a little read for an hour can make you feel relaxed and ready to face the week ahead!

5. Make sure you have stocked up your kitchen cupboard with a yummy selection of herbal or fruit teas. As it’s the beginning of the week, it’s a good idea to start the week off with as much sleep as possible, so I always find that a cup of chamomile tea on a Monday evening sets me in great stead for a great nights sleep. I like to pop on some gradual fake tanning body lotion, make a cup of Chamomile tea with a slice of lemon, and take x1 30mg capsule of magnesium to relax my mind and body, preparing me for a lovely deep sleep the natural way. I sit in bed for half an hour just having a little read, before it’s lights out and deep sleep time. I guarantee you’ll wake up on Tuesday morning feeling amazing. Oh and during the half an hour wind-down, it includes no technology! No mobile phone, no laptop, no tablet in tow…

So the above are just a few little tips from myself with help and inspiration from Utopia about how to have the nicest of #RelaxMondays. Do you have any tips of your own?

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