Beauty: Cloud Nine The Curling Wand Review

Those who know me (and actually those who just occasionally read the blog and follow my social media channels) will know that I rarely do much to my hair. It tends to be straight and down on a daily basis, which tells you one main thing: I’m useless with styling my hair.

I have countless amounts of hair tools and devices, but I always end up just blasting my hair upside down when I come out of the shower, brush it with my tangle teezer, and then leave it as is. I’m lucky it’s naturally straight, so I don’t battle with fighting the frizz or anything too unmanageable.

However, having naturally straight hair which is a fine texture means it lacks volume, gets greasy quickly, and has little to no movement whatsoever. For sooooo long I’ve been looking for a good quality curling wand that creates loose waves – not spiral – and without getting that god awful clamp stamp that sometimes leaves an awkward mark at the top of my head (or is that just due to me having a bad knack?)

Anyway, I’ve finally found my favourite hair wand, and I had to put a blog post together sharing it because I literally can’t believe how easy I find it to create pretty loose waves.

No more awkward arms trying to hold bits of loose hair in the clamp, and no more corkscrew style curls due to the wand be that little too narrow.

Cloud Nine The Curling Wand

I’m no stranger to Cloud Nine, with working in the beauty journalism and PR industry for 8 years. However, why I hadn’t tried out their wands up until now is a life mystery. I got my hands on The Curling Wand, their easy to use curling wand which creates an infinite number of styles including large curls, tight curls and soft waves – all with a smooth and long lasting glossy finish.

I was advised that if I wanted loose waves, to still opt for this device even though it’s called a ‘curling wand’, because the barrel is slightly thicker than some of the wands that offer a tighter curl, and doesn’t feature a clamp. So you can just select thicker sections of hair and wrap around, hold for around 15 seconds, and then let it reveal a glossy, smooth loose wave.

The smaller the sections of hair I wrap around it, the tighter the curl, but even then, I still run my fingers through it and shake my hair a little bit, and I’m still left with gorgeous soft waves.

It heats up super super quick – just 2 minutes is all I waited for the first time I used it. It comes with a little glove too, in case your hair feels too hot, or if you just want to be extra careful.

It retails at £90 but is currently retailing at £79, and I honestly feel relieved I’ve found this tool. I used it twice this weekend: once on the Saturday night, as per the photos wearing black, and then on the Sunday, much more loosely, to give my hair that dishevelled look (wearing the pink jumper)

Whether its loose waves like myself that you’re after, or tighter curls, beach waves or smoother ends, I can’t recommend this 25 mm wand enough. I’ve also put together a YouTube tutorial below-  which whilst I’m onto it, if you haven’t already, subscribe here and you can be one of the first to join my vlogging journey!

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  1. January 25, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    You have beautiful eyes.

  2. Elettra
    April 16, 2019 / 10:16 pm

    I personally love my Karmin.

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