Beauty: Chloe Lewis Beauty Highlighter and Lipstick Review

Hi guys! A quick makeup post on the blog today to share a brand that’s quite new to me, and one which I literally can’t stop using – especially on my brides (for those who don’t know, I’m a bridal makeup artist as well as a full time blogger).

Most of you will be familiar with Chloe Lewis from the TV hit TOWIE – but now the starlet has branched into her own makeup brand.

Chloe Lewis Beauty currently consists of a range of luxury lipsticks, highlighters and makeup brushes, which funnily enough, are what I would say are 3 key categories when it comes to makeup. Foundation is obviously the other key one to me when it comes to makeup essentials, but lips and glowy skin are my other main must-haves…

I’ll be honest – I judged the makeup brand first of all from its packaging, but it looks like I judged it right. They say never judge a book by its cover, but when you have a collection of crisp white boxes decorated with rose gold foil, you’re always going to fall in love with whatever is inside!

The highlighter I’ve been using is in shade Moon Beach, and it’s a gorgeous, slim glass bottle, adorned in shiny gold. It’s a white based liquid highlighter with an incredible shimmer pigment, meaning when it’s applied on top of foundation (I find it works better this way) and lightly blended in, you get that gorgeous, glistening glow.

Because it’s a white/silver base, it contrasts with a strong contour, allowing the tops of your cheeks, centre of the nose and forehead stand out, and glow away!

The highlighter retails at £22.99, putting it in the more premium range of highlighters out there. It’s texture is lightweight and blend-able, and when set with powder, it pretty much shimmers and stands out all day.

Before using liquid highlighter, it’ s worth getting your skin the best condition before applying makeup. A light exfoliating wash, a skin plumping, complexion perfecting cream (Somnio CBD have refreshing creams) and perhaps a smoothing primer, before applying any foundation or highlighter.

I was also really impressed with the lipsticks, and again, was wow-ed by the high-end packaging. They come in tall, white tubes adorned with gold, and have a real precision shape tip to make lipstick application super smooth and easy.

The two shades I have are Berry Kiss and Naked, with the Berry Kiss being my very favourite. It’s a rich, deep berry shade but actually has notes of a bright, clean red too. It’s one of those lipsticks that makes my teeth look whiter, and my lips a little fuller.

Naked, on the other hand, is one of my go-to’s for my bridal makeup clients. I tend to find women of their wedding days love a fresh, nude lipstick, but one that has a tinted pigment, and not just a bland, flat colour. Naked has slight pink tinge to it, and is a luxurious lipstick infused with vitamin e and protective sunscreen to soften the lips, smoothen lines and prevent chapping too…

I’m wearing Berry Kiss on the photos above and below, along with Moon Beach on the tops of my cheeks. The photo at the very top of the blog post shows what Naked looks like on. Really impressed with the quality of these products and they have essentials to my MUA kit.

Both lipsticks retail at £12.99.

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