Beauty: Changing Colours with MAC

As an avid make-up wearer (I would love to say I go bare faced for work days, but I’m not going to lie and say I am all for my natural beauty!) I have got my morning make-up routine down to a strict, regimented plan. For the past two years I have swore by the same make-up items, and I always put them on in the same order:

Maxfactor foundation in Soft Beige, Maxfactor pressed powder in Transluscent, Benefit Highbeam, MAC blusher in Sunbasque, Barry M light brown eyebrow pencil (or sometimes HD Brows palette, but only in the past three months thanks to Glossybox!), Rimmel Liquid eyeliner, and MaxFactor lipstick in Pearl Orange. Your probably thinking “but you’ve missed mascara out??!” well no- don’t be ridiculous- I indeed wear a slick of mascara everyday but unfortunatley I am not loyal to one particular brand. I wear everything from Benefit’s BadGal to a really cheap Almay mascara from a discounted shop, it’s usually just a case of whichever I pull out first!

So it was only the other day when I learnt that my favourite lipstick shade had discontinued I actually thought, what on earth do I do in these situations? So it was time for some back-up items! And also a good excuse to try out some new products in new shades to give myself a fresher look. I didn’t go overboard, I just decided on 3 new items to re-jig my make-up bag. It was actually quite scary as I always wear a soft red lipstick as I feel it brightens up my complexion and kind of just dresses me up on those days I feel not-so-glam, but a change was calling. Armed with a page torn out from Instyle magazine, I asked the lady at MAC to find me the lipstick that matched the soft pinky-nude colour featured on one of the models. After trialing a few poor efforts, she finally pulled out ‘Fleshpot’ from the ‘Satin’ range. I never touch lipgloss (hair down + wind + lipgloss= hair stuck to lips and lets face it when is it not windy in the UK?) but this time I decided I needed to try a new one to ‘revamp’ my new nude lips. As soon as the make-up artist put MAC Dazzleglass in ‘Glitter and Ice’ over my pink-nude lips, they looked amazing! All shiny, icy and pretty! Sold!

Lastly, I am a bit of a bronzer addict. I’m one of those girls who doesnt know when to stop when applying it which can sometimes be a disaster! As much as I love and rely on MAC’s Sunbasque, I wanted a more matte look blusher for the up-coming spring season (and a more natural shade for those moments when I go OTT when applying!). After trying out a number of different shades, I settled for ‘Gingerly’– a soft, matte light brown shade which contours my cheeks without looking too heavy or over-bronzed. I would definitley recommend looking into these products if you were like me, relying on red lips and shimmery brown cheeks but decided it’s time for a softer look. I would never have opted for more neutral tones before as I worried about them washing me out and dulling me down, but I am so impressed with the difference! Take some pull-outs for magazines into your nearest MAC concession or store, the girls really know their stuff and can find a product in practically any shade your after.

This is definitley not the best photo of me in the slightest, but I just know I am wearing all three listed products in this picture, so it gives you a semi-clear idea of what I’m talking about! Have any of you cosmetic fans had a great experience when swapping your usual shades for the neutrals? Let me know! x

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