Beauty: Taking Care of Your Face for a Day at the Beach

Seeing as I am currently in Australia at the moment, I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my guest writer today, Carla, from Australia who has put together this blog post based on a very important topic here in Aus – taking care of your face for a day in the sun.

If you’re not accustomed to spending hours in the sunshine on the beach, you might be at a loss as to where you should start with your makeup. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with relatively flawless skin, the beach is definitely somewhere that you should embrace your natural looks and forget about the slap. Instead, find some SPF moisturizer at your local department store and make sure you slather it on at regular intervals.

If you are feeling a little on the pale side and are still waiting for your summery tan to surface, you can find tinted SPF moisturizers too, which will give you a little bit of a sun kissed look whilst evening out skin tone. Don’t blame us if this goes a little streaky after a swim, though.

For the other options in your makeup bag, be sure that everything is suitable for water exposure. For example, you really need to make sure that your mascara is waterproof: you’re going to look pretty scary after a swim with black teaming down your face! If you don’t want to chance any black smudging at all, a good tip is to use Vaseline on your eyelashes and use a curler after heating it with a hairdryer for about 30 minutes.


 For lips, stick to an SPF lip balm, tinted if you fancy a little big of color – but avoid anything really bright and bold like red lipstick, unless you don’t plan on going in the sea or pool. Really, it’s something to be avoided in such a place anyway, as it may look at little over the top and showy. Best to stick to neutral shades that suit your skin color, over vamping it up. Save the sexy reds and purple lipsticks until you’re sipping cocktails in the evening. You’ll thank me.

lip balm


After your day at the beach, be sure to wash off your makeup properly, as the sweat from the heat will have already allowed your makeup to seep into your skin more than it would normally. This way, you are far more prone to break outs, which will bring an end to the ease of just being able to wear a moisturizer at the beach – as you’ll feel like you need to reach for the concealer all the time. You need to be focusing on having an awesome time and perfecting your tan!

Browning Formula


Finally, the most important thing when you are dealing with beauty on the beach is to remember your best friend: sun cream. Without this, you are going to end up a scary lobster, with a blood red complexion – not exactly the best of looks. Depending upon your skin tone, opt for at least SPF 10, moving up to heights of SPF 50-60 if you are particularly pale. There is little more important than skin safety in the sunshine – you won’t retain your good looks if you let the sun consistently frazzle you over a prolonged period of time!

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Born and bred in Newcastle, Australia, Carla has lived at the beach all her life and loves blogging about it. Check out Carla’s favourite tips and style secrets at

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