Beauty: Booking Beauty Treatments Straight To My Door

You may have seen me talk about getting my make up done a lot lately, as I recently got it done by a company called Blow Ltd in Manchester. I was really happy with the service and the result, so much so you may have seen me get excited over on Instagram,

The beauty of it was that the makeup artist came straight to my door, well, more recently my hotel room door. I was staying in Manchester for the weekend, and the mobile makeup artist was booked through the app, and then came to my hotel room at my specified time.

She took around 25 minutes to transform my face, and it was all paid for via the app. Simple!

So I’m not stopping there. After realising how easy and stress-free the service was, it’s made me do a 360 when it comes to booking those beauty treatments and little luxuries. The next one on my list is massage. Why wait to book in for a spa day at a hotel or spa venue, when you can now get this pampering treatment carried out at your home too?

I’ve heard a few people mentioning over the past few months that they had treated themselves to a massage at their own home, and I was suddenly intrigued. There are so many times I’m desperate for a full body massage, or even just a head, neck and shoulder massage when I’ve had a horrific day hunched over a laptop at work.

The one I first became aware of was Mobile Massage London, a service committed to providing holistic care for your mind, body and spirit. I mean, well-being is important, right? We shouldn’t ignore things like getting regular massages when they can be this easy to arrange,

With this service, you just let the professional massage therapy come to you. I for one feel much more relaxed and comfortable in my own home, rather than rushing around to find a massage salon in the city centre, finding parking, taking public transport and even having to make myself look half presentable to leave the house.

Now I’ve discovered this whole new mobile beauty world, whether I just book a hair, nails, makeup, massage or beauty treatment via the website or app, I’m going to make it a priority. Especially massages, and especially at the end of the working week when my body, neck and shoulders are in absolute agony.

Have you ever tried out at-home mobile services? Do let me know your opinions!

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