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It’s only been in the last two years when my blog has been more involved in social media platforms that I’ve started to take more notice of fashion and beauty competitions that brands now launch. You have probably seen them yourselves; if you like a brand on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have seen some of the fabulous prizes that these brands now give away to fans. 

Anyway, I’m here to tell you today about an amazing girly competition out there that is worth taking a nosey at – the BIC Soleil Just Live weekly facebook competitions. The message behind the popular beauty brand BIC’s competitions is a really nice, inspiring message – to encourage women to ‘Just Live!’.

To promote their range of new shavers with tailored grip technology, BIC are running a ten week prize draw for all entrants. The whole campaign is centered around Facebook which allows a platform for women to share tips, ideas and experiences as well as taking part in many of the prizes that BIC are dishing out! The grand prize draw has already been drawn, and was a unique shopping trip to New York with the friends that you chose to tag – imagine how popular that would make you! For the weekly ‘experience’ prizes, all you have to do is to simply ‘like’ the facebook page and answer the weekly question!

You’ll also notice on the beauty-packed facebook page that a once-a-month blogger is featured, showcasing beauty advice and gossip-filled blog posts. At the moment they have featured the lovely Briony from A Girl, A Style! One of my personal fave fellow blogger’s!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for new razors as it’s something us girls shouldn’t be scrimping on- so I’ve quite enjoyed browsing their facebook page and looking into the new grip technologies that BIC Soleil have just launched. They have launched 4 new razors which aim to each be tailored to the way us females hold our razors and use them.  So are you a ‘Talk To The Palm ‘ Queen? Or more of a ‘Pencil Painter?’. No idea? This should help you decide!

Talk To The Palm Queen – Do you hold your razor with your 4 fingers on top and hold your razor in your palm? Does it looks like the razor is more like an extension of your hand? This means you like to shave quick and efficiently. This is probably because your a direct, active and on-the-go person who doesn’t have time to spend ages getting ready, however always seems to scrub up well. You love looking fabulous. If this is you, you should use the Bella BIC Soleil shaver, it contains moisturising coconut milk and helps you get the best shave.

The Pincer Princess – Do you hold your shaver with your top index finger, like you would when tweezing? Does your beauty regime take a long time as you have to primp and preen yourself to perfection? If that sounds like you and you love nothing more than pampering nights in, then you would be suited to the Miss Soleil BIC Soleil razor! This Razor aims to speed up your regimes and get on with enjoying your girly adventures!

The Feather Light Lady – Do you hold your razor at the end of the handle with your fingertips, almost like sweeping a make-up brush? Do you have a soft and gentle nature and make effort with your appearance? If so then the razor suited to you is the Lady BIC Soleil razor. With soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E, it gives a close yet comfortable shave so you never have to worry about the appearance of your legs.

The Pencil Painter – Do you hold your razor with your thumb and index finger? Almost as if holding a pencil or a paintbrush? Your probably very creative and know exactly what you want and are very independent and free thinking. You know what looks good, with your expertise in colour, style and shape. If this sounds like you, your suited to the Scent BIC Soleil razor, with lavender scent and vitamin A. Pamper yourself and smell great!

What razor do you need to get your hands on? I would say I am indeed ‘The Pencil Painter’ and need the Scent BIC Soleil razor in my life now! Legs are crying out for a lavender scented shave! If your not too sure and want to see more about the fabulous new girly products with new grip technologies (and of course enter some great comps!) then just head over to their facebook pages here and take a peek at the Twitter page too!



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