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Being blonde isn’t as easy as you think. If you’re a fair haired, mousy brown girl naturally like I am, you’ll possibly be over familiar with the highlighting, bleaching and colouring routine to keep our hair nice and light. I love being blonde: various times I’ve dived into the dark side and experimented with chocolate brown locks, and even low lights as a less scary option. No matter what route I take, I always end up back blonde. There’s just something so refreshing and bright about sun-kissed blonde locks.

Being blessed with the ability to keep my hair blonde comes with the curse of one thing: the condition. I pretty much know for a fact if I had kept my light brown natural hair, the condition would be a hundred times better. Thicker, stronger, shinier… all the things bleach and highlights take away from us blondies. I’ve found that over the years, my hair is so much thinner than it should be. I experience a lot of breakage, which means I rely on clip-in extensions for evenings out to ‘plump up’ my hair, giving a the illusion of a much thicker head of hair. I’m currently using a soft honey blonde shade of clip-in extensions from Lush Hair Extensions, which blend in with my natural colour that sits underneath.

Here’s a couple of tips I’ve picked up along the way to keep blonde hair looking in tip top condition…

1. Condition condition condition
It goes without saying that highlighted hair is usually in a worse condition than non-coloured hair. With blonde hair, the hair will be much more dry and frizzy, with natural oils being stripped out. Use a hair mask or leave your conditioner on your hair for at least half an hour a week to give it an intense moisture boost. If you make this a weekly thing, you will honestly see an improvement. I didn’t do this for years, and now I actually make an effort with it, I really do see a difference . I’m currently using Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner, £18.50 from Boots, and it’s an absolute winner. I’ve been using this every other day just for 5 minutes, but then leaving on once a week for half an hour, and I’ve seen a huge improvement with the strength, breakage and dryness. It’s quite pricey, but really does work for my blonde hair.

2. Invest in Silver Shampoo
So I didn’t used to do this, but because I go for honey and caramel shades blended with a brighter bleach blonde, I do have a much warmer blonde tone. Sometimes, this can cause hair to look a little bit orange, with that slightly dull golden tone that just needs a little refreshing. A good silver shampoo, such as the Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Range, cleans up any brassy tones and gives a more brighter, ashy white blonde finish. If you have warm tones like me, just use this twice a month as a little change. If you actually want your blonde hair to look more silvery toned and ashy, then you can actually use this a couple of times to week to keep it like this.

3. Extensions to fake it
As mentioned before, blonde hair is prone to breakage, meaning us blondes usually have a head of finer hair. Invest in quality extensions, such as Lush Hair Extensions which I mentioned above, to clip in for evenings out or special occasions, just to add that thickness. The photograph above and below is of me waving my own hair and my extensions, and brushing my hair with my fingers to really make the waves look thick, bouncy and natural.

4. Asses shades with a good stylist
Blonde isn’t just ‘blonde’ – lets clear that up whilst we are on the topic! There are all sorts of shades. As mentioned earlier, I’m more of a honey/caramel blonde, but there are ash blondes, silver blondes, creamy blondes, golden blondes, platinum blondes… there is a real spectrum of shades out there! So take in photos of celebrities, or Pinterest/Instagram inspirations, and show these to your stylist so they can understand. It’s worthy you find a good stylist who will asses your skin and eye colour too, to ensure you get the best shade possible.

5. Styling secrets
Not only can blonde hair unfortunately lack a lot of volume (which is definitely my case!), it can also lack shine and movement too. As mine is ridiculously dry at the best of times, if I leave it to dry naturally it just kind of frizzes out a little. The best styling advice for blonde hair is to create a loose wave, which doesn’t require shine to look effective. Also, perfect your backcombing techniques, as blonde hair can usually create a lot of volume this way, as the more porous the hair, the more’oomph’ you can inject with a backcombing brush and a can of hairspray!


Do you have any extra blonde hair tips you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below…

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